Five Different Ways to Do Avocado Toast

Here are five simple, affordable, and nutritious toasts done the millennial way. They are easy to personalize and add or take away from so hopefully this gives you some inspiration to dabble with your own creations. It’s a great meal or snack for students because the ingredients are affordable (I know avocados aren’t worth cents, but they last long, and you don’t need to use the whole thing for toast). These recipes will also give you incredible fuel for tackling the end of the semester; it’s filled with healthy fats and added proteins. Enjoy!


Black Bean and Salsa

You could add some shredded cheese to make this toast taste more like a taco *mouth waters*


For my tuna lovers out there this one is a good way to change up a regular tuna sandwich! The creaminess of the avocado is a good alternative for mayonnaise… but let’s be honest we’re all still going to add mayo.

Cream cheese

Whatever you go to cream cheese spread is grab it now and lay some avocado over it. Whether it’s plain Jane, her and garlic, vegetable spread, or smoked salmon, you pick! Maybe even through some sliced cucumber on top to add in more texture and freshness.

Cherry Tomato and Balsamic

I don’t even know how to describe this power combo. Tangy and sweet while fresh at the same time. Ok, I guess that’s how I’d describe it? Anyways this is amazing!! Go try it! Now!

Egg Over-Easy

Finally the best for last. You guessed it. The classic and my forever favourite (seriously, ask my housemates, I eat this way too much). This picture just captures its beauty, plus it’s great fuel for your body and mind. You really can’t go wrong.