Finding Your Study Technique

Everyone has different methods of studying; there’s no one size fits all. Some people like to listen to music or have background noise, some need total silence. Some people make que cards, some people make acronyms or other things to help them remember the details. There’s really no right or wrong answer on the correct way to study because not everything works for everyone. If you find you have trouble withholding information when the exam comes around, that’s probably a sign that you need to switch things up. Try some of the techniques that I mentioned earlier if you haven’t yet, or look up studying tips online. There are also tons of resources for you to use on campus, including on the library’s website. 

I know you’re probably heard this over and over, but try your best not to stress, even if it seems extremely hard not to. Pulling that all-nighter the night before your exam to do some cramming may just end up hurting you more than helping – treat your body nicely, especially when it’s already undergoing so much stress. Get enough sleep, eat some brain food, and take some well-needed breaks while you’re studying. 

Just remember, you’re on the home stretch now; you got this!