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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

I find myself reaching for a variety of beverages when I am stressed- and they most definitely help me. So long as my problems aren’t too serious, think midterms or a bad schedule, a special drink can make me feel much better. But, if you are extremely stressed, or struggling with something larger, it would definitely be worth consulting with a trusted family member, friend or professional. These drinks are usually helpful on the small scale, and maybe they can help you destress as well.

1. Water

I am guilty of not drinking enough water a lot of the time, and I can definitely feel it when I am not properly hydrated. Without realizing it, dehydration likely affects you as well- if you aren’t drinking enough water that is. This is especially helpful if you enjoy caffeinated beverages, have a headache, or generally feel lethargic and unwell. Water is great. It is widely available on campus, via the many water bottle refill stations on campus, healthy, and essentially free. You can even get a cute water bottle or something to make drinking it more fun.

2. Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are nice because they are often relatively healthy (or at least better than a drink with more sugar and cream might be) and has little to no caffeine while still providing the comfort and warmth of a hot beverage. Adding a lot of caffeine to a stressful time might help you stay awake, but it can also cause nervousness and difficulty sleeping that is not helpful. Teas also come in a variety of flavours, with a variety of benefits including ones to help you sleep, give you energy and calm you. Bringing some from home is the cheapest, as all you need is a tea bag (buying in bulk is cheaper), some hot water and a travel mug. And just like with the water bottles, if you feel better getting a cute one to encourage tea drinking, go for it!

3. Hot Chocolate

You can be any age to enjoy hot chocolate! This one is not as good for every day as the other two drinks listed, but it is an excellent and tasty treat. Chocolate is great for birthday cakes, a sweetheart and after a dementor attack- I am also fairly certain that this drink version can get you through some tough times. On campus, you pay the price of a small for drinks if you provide the cup. So, if you have a travel mug, you’re all set!

I hope the next time you are stressed, you are able to find some relief in one these beverages.

Aaliya is the President, and Director of Marketing, for Her Campus at Guelph! She has been writing with Her Campus for over three years and is in her fourth year as an undergraduate arts student at the University of Guelph. When she is not writing for HC, she enjoys reading, trying new restaurants and meeting new people!