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It is common nowadays to notice that almost everyone in their twenties has thought about finding or working on a side hustle. To have a side hustle doesn’t necessarily mean to work on something you’re passionate about when you’re not working on the work or school. A side hustle can mean anything you like, and it can be a side job you’re working to pay for school or looking to explore new ideas or activities you have wanted to try and never got the chance to do so. Having something to do when you’re tired of your job or schoolwork feels refreshing and gets you motivated again. To have something like that with you at all times will help you keep moving forward.  

I was never introduced to the importance of a side hustle, or even further exploring my hobbies. I genuinely felt that the hobbies that I enjoyed a lot before university stopped there, but I came to realize that I can continue to pursue those same hobbies now and take it a step further. If you feel that something you admire doing but don’t have time for, I encourage you to try and make some time for it even if you start with an hour a week and build up. Anything that you can escape to during your most challenging days and make you happy could potentially be something you consider a side hustle. If you are willing to convert your passions into something that can take it one step ahead, you should go for it and make it into something more substantial.  

There are many reasons why someone might pursue a side hustle, and I think any advantage of if that would help you be a better person or help you achieve your overall goals quicker is a reason good enough. If you need ways to pay for college, you can convert your side hustle into a source of income that can potentially help you pay for your tuition. Someone passionate and skilled in photography, for example, can become a freelance photographer on the weekends and take up gigs that would help them pay for college. Still, at the same time, it is a valuable experience they are obtaining. It is a fantastic way to strengthen your resume and a more prominent position or a bigger job than you aspire to have. It shows determination and ambition in something else that pushes you to be a better person and strive for success.  

If you thought of something while reading this and considered it something that could potentially be a side hustle, let this be a sign to pursue it now. As students and growing adults, we hate being free or feeling like school is the sole purpose when you could use some free time to work on something with passion and enthusiasm. So if you think to yourself and ask, “Do I need a Side hustle?” think about your love, and if you have the energy and time to dive into something you love and consider that a “yes,” you do need it.  

If you believe that you don’t feel like it is something you can handle or is not the ideal option, then don’t start on something because it may seem as if everyone else is also doing it. Side hustles shouldn’t be a competition to feel successful in other things because others seem to. It can be overwhelming and may take more energy than you might anticipate, and if you think that might be unhealthy for you, then there is no pressure to pursue it actively. Put it on the back burner and visit the option when you feel that you can handle it. It should be something that brings you happiness, and if it isn’t accomplishing that, it might not be the right time for it. 

Mehak is a fourth-year biomedical science major at the University of Guelph.
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