Coping with a Book Hangover

Have you ever finished a book that was so good, you couldn’t move on and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days? If so, you’ve likely experienced a book hangover, and we’re here to help you get over it! 

Around two months ago, the book that I had been waiting an entire year for finally arrived in the mail. That same night, I told myself that I would read just one chapter before going to bed. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. As soon as I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down. By the time I reached the last chapter of the book, the sun was already starting to rise. When I realized that I would have to wait another year for the third and final book to come out, I automatically regretted reading it in one go (it also didn’t help that the book ended on a major cliff-hanger!). Soon, I started to experience a book hangover. I couldn’t stop thinking about the book and all of the characters for weeks! Even now, I’m still here, desperately waiting for the next book to be released. However, I am definitely feeling a lot better now, so below are some tips that helped me (kind of) get over my book hangover. 

1. Join a Facebook Group 

This was probably the most effective method of getting over my book hangover. A few weeks after I finished reading the book, my best friend, who was also having a major hangover after finishing it, discovered a facebook group dedicated to the book series. People posted on the group daily; there were fanfics, fanart, theories, and so much more! It was a great way to meet other fans and see what they had to say about the book.

2. Read or Write a Fanfiction

The first thing I did after finishing my book was go on Tumblr to see if people had already written a fanfiction for it. Some of the fanfics that I read were so great and really helped me cope with the cliff-hanger at the end. If you’re someone who loves writing stories, you could even try writing your own fanfiction and, help people like me get over a book hangover!

3. Finding Other Books To Read

It’s hard to motivate yourself to read a different book after finishing an amazing one. However, there are still a lot of other great books out there that we might not have discovered yet. Goodreads is a great website where you can find books that cater to your taste, or ones that are similar to your all-time favourite books.

4. Re-read a Book You Already Love

You can’t go wrong with this one! You already know that you love the book, so why not read it again?