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Chocolate Brown is Trending: Here’s How to Get the Look

This winter has brought us many surprises – and let’s be honest, it has overwhelmingly sucked. But if there’s one thing getting me through this winter and into the spring (when I can finally feel the sun again), it’s the chocolate, mocha brown colour trending EVERYWHERE. I’m looking at you, fashion TikTokers and Instagram influencers. From The North Face puffer jackets to leather pants, it’s clear that brown is the unofficial colour of winter 2020/2021. Keep reading to learn my styling tips for the rich neutral that has all of Pinterest drooling.  


1. Start with 1-2 basics in brown that can be styled in various ways. 

My suggestions? Try a chocolate-coloured crewneck, as it can be paired with tennis skirts, leggings, jeans, and pretty much everything else. Or dip your toes in with something smaller like a leather shoulder bag. Both of these items can easily be thrifted, depending on the selection at your local thrift store. If you don’t have any luck with the second-hand selection, try browsing Depop as another sustainable option.  


2. Try a monochrome outfit incorporating other shades of brown, such as khaki. 

Monochrome brown is perfect for the remainder of the winter season. I think mixing shades, patterns and textures keeps your look interesting and gives you more outfit options than keeping to one tone. High-waisted khakis are versatile and pair well with darker brown tops, or try a piece in leopard print to mix with solid, mocha-coloured pants.  


3. Don’t splurge on the trend if you’re not sure – try to buy timeless pieces instead of designs that quickly go out of style.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love when neutrals are trending. Neutrals never go out of style, and brown is a classic colour that I’ll be incorporating into my wardrobe for a long time. However, don’t splurge on a dark brown corset if you’re not one hundred percent in love with the trend yet. I recommend a dark brown baby tee or fitted tank top, as these will easily match other pieces in your wardrobe without much effort.  


4. Bring the colour into your spring wardrobe by pairing it with brighter colours. 

I think brown will easily transition into spring when it’s broken up with lighter, more feminine pieces. For example, brown and pink is my favourite colour combination right now. I recently saved pictures of an oversized brown crewneck with pink flares, because I love the contrast! If that’s not your thing, maybe try a cream-coloured floral tank or skirt paired with a darker brown cardigan. It’s important to think of multiple seasons when you’re investing in a new trend because picking more versatile pieces will keep you from buying garments that end up in the back of your closet for months.  


5. Purchase brown in silhouettes you already love. 

If you feel most confident in high-waisted jeans, try thrifting a pair of high-waisted khakis from the men’s section. Or, if oversized zip-up hoodies are your thing, get one in brown too! Personally, I love the look of flared pants, and I think brown yoga pants or leopard print flares would be the perfect additions to my closet. I’m also on the hunt for a mocha-coloured turtleneck, which would look great styled with other brown tones for winter or under lighter tops for spring.  


I hope I’ve convinced you to take the leap into brown this season! After all, it’s a classic, warm colour that feels comforting just to look at (like a teddy bear). If you’re already loving brown, let me know! Or send me pictures of the brown outfits you’ve styled because I’m always looking for inspiration. Is brown here to stay? Only time will tell. Until then, I’ll be happily wearing the cozy, rich neutral of the season!

Emma is a writer who enjoys topics like current events, fashion, spirituality, and more! She is in her first year of International Development Studies at the University of Guelph, and hopes to travel lots in the future. She can be found trying out new makeup looks, putting together outfits, reading, or lounging with her cats at home. Feel free to reach out to Emma anytime, she loves making new friends! Email her at [email protected] or see her social media links below. http://linkedin.com/in/emmajull www.Instagram.com/emmajull
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