Captain Marvel and Other Female Superheroines Who Deserve their own Movie

Captain Marvel appropriately released on International Women’s day, is one of Marvel’s most popular superheroines and rightfully so. With new superhero movies like Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey coming out there is an exciting focus on female centered superheroes. As someone who loves comic books and particularly female centered comic books I thought I would share some superheroines who I believe deserve their own movies. 





Though there are many iterations of the character the most well known is Barbara Gordon. Not only is she extremely intelligent with a specialty in technology and computer science but she is also highly skilled in combat and fighting crime. Her storyline takes a turn when in Batman: The Killing Joke the joker shoots and paralyzes her. Though she retires her Batgirl mantle she does not let this prevent her from stopping crime and takes the name Oracle and helps out behind the scenes particularly with Batman and later the Birds of Prey. Though there have been rumours of a Batgirl movie no movement on the project seems to be made.


Jessica Cruz 

One of the newest additions to the Green Lantern team Jessica Cruz’s storyline follows her and her partner Simon Baz as they learn about their new powers and save the world. Jessica Cruz is a particularly significant figure in the comic universe as a large part of her story involves her struggle with anxiety.  


Hawkeye- Kate Bishop 


Kate Bishop is one of my all-time favourite Marvel superheroines. Starting out first as a sidekick to Clint Barton’s Hawkeye she soon takes the Hawkeye mantle herself as she works as a private investigator in LA. Her father is a renown crime boss and her storyline is infused with a lot of comedy and would be great in a movie of her own. 


The daughter of Zatara a magician who possesses the power of real magic Zatanna is a powerful member of the Homo magi who can cast magic by reciting the spell backwards. She’s a prominent member of Justice League Dark and is also featured in her own stand alone comic book giving a lot of material to pull from for a movie. 





Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is not only heroic in her hulk form but also through her work as a lawyer. She has been a part of various superhero teams such as the Avengers, the Defenders and Fantastic Force in addition to her own individual comic books. Unlike Bruce Banner’s hulk her physical hulk state is permanent and caused by an emergency blood transfusion with her cousin Bruce after she was injured. Though in a constant physical hulk form Jennifer retains all other aspects of herself in terms of personality and intelligence. In her profession as a lawyer she often takes on cases relating to superheroes making her storyline both interesting and entertaining. 

Ms. Marvel 


Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel was a historic comic book for several reasons the primary that she is the first Muslim character to ever star in her own comic. Kamala gains her powers after a mysterious mist known surrounds her giving her powers including elongation and size alteration. A high school student who is eager to do good with her newfound abilities Ms. Marvel would be a great choice for a comic book movie adaptation. 

Gotham City Sirens 


Though not technically heroes, Gotham City Sirens follows some of DC’s most notable and popular female villains: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. The relationship explored in the comics between these three is always very interesting to read and together they have great dynamic as a group. There has been an announcement of a movie about the Siren’s but no further word has been made of whether or not this project will be moving forward.