Campus Cutie: Sam of Delta Pi

This week’s Campus Cutie is Sam! Sam is a third-year Biomedical Science Major and she is currently the Rush Chair for the Guelph chapter of Delta Pi. Sam joined Delta Pi in the F15 semester.

What was your rushing experience like?

Rushing was pretty good, I went with a couple of my roommates. It can be intimidating at first because there’s a whole bunch of girls that know each other and you don’t. Looking back now, I’ve become one of those girls, so it can be intimidating and I’ve been in that situation but look at me now- I’m best friends with every girl in the sorority.

I thought that there would be hazing and they would throw paint at us or something. It was definitely not like that at all, it was just chill most of the time. You’re always included in the fun, no one’s laughing at you, they’re laughing with you.

What made you want to be a part of Delta Pi?

I feel more comfortable in small groups, and Delta Pi is more like a family rather than a huge group of 40 girls. That’s why I chose Delta Pi over the other sorority at Guelph. I was also drawn to the Jewish factor.

What are your opinions on the widespread “sorority girl” stereotypes?

The stereotypes are inevitable just based on movies and stuff. It comes with the stigma of being in a sorority. I recently became close with a new group of girls who didn’t know me very well, and they told me later on that they thought I would be the typical stuck-up sorority girl, but I surprised them because I’m not like that.

How has joining a sorority changed your life?

There’s never a dull moment, in a good way. There’s always something going on either in the group chat, at meetings, or at events. There hasn’t been a night since the beginning of the school year where I’ve sat at home not knowing what to do because I’m always doing something.

Is it hard to balance school with sorority commitments?

Honestly, it’s hard. It’s all about priorities, if it’s really important to you, you’ll make the time to get all your work done so you can go to your sorority events. Sometimes you’ll forget why you joined the sorority, but when you’re at an event after working so hard towards it, you remember why you’re there.

Would you recommend joining a sorority?

I think that joining a sorority is the best decision you can make when coming to university. It opens you up to so many different things that you never would have tried before. It breaks you out of your shell because you become so comfortable with so many people.

What is the worst part of sorority life?

As Delta Pi grows, I feel like cliques are being formed. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes there can be a bit of politics involved. In the end, we all become closer as we get through disagreements and arguments. It’s important to separate the politics from the friendships because all groups of friends will have disagreements but we always work it out at the end.