Campus Cutie: Mackenzie of Delta Pi

For this week’s campus profile, I got the chance to sit down with Mackenzie of the Guelph Chapter of Delta Pi. Mackenzie is a second year Brain and Cognition Major who is currently the treasurer for Delta Pi.

What was your rushing experience like?

I pledged last winter (W16) and I wasn’t really scared of rushing because I had a friend that was in the Toronto Chapter of Delta Pi. I was more nervous that everyone would know each other and I would be an outsider. It wasn’t like that at all! Everyone was super friendly and it was a very inclusive experience.

What made you want to rush Delta Pi?

I really wanted a little family here at Guelph that I could turn to if I ever needed help or support. I come from a household with 4 children, so I’m used to having people around me all the time. I thought about joining other clubs, but I really liked the values and beliefs that Delta Pi stood for.

What are your opinions on the widespread “sorority girl” stereotypes?

I think all the stereotypes kind of suck because I feel like it discourages girls from joining sororities without giving them a chance. I wish girls knew beforehand that almost none of the stereotypes are true. I think the only stereotype we fall into is the Meerkat Sorority Girl meme:

How has joining a sorority changed your life?

I’ve have more confidence, I used to be shy because most of my friends from high school went to Western. I didn’t know if I'd really fit in and I just missed having a close-knit group of friends. After joining, I think I became more myself and if I have issues I know I can always talk to my sisters.

What is the most rewarding part of becoming a part of Delta Pi?

I think it’s the charity work because I really like helping others. Also, you know you’re going to be making a group of friends that are going to be with you forever.

Would you recommend joining a sorority?

I definitely would. If you’re in first year, I would really recommend it because so far, you’ve only met people in your res and in your first year classes. A sorority gives you a chance to branch out.

What is the worst part of sorority life?

Being stereotyped. People will say little comments in passing or stare at me when I’m wearing my Delta Pi shirt.