Campus Cutie: Carly Holmstead

Today I got to sit down with Her Campus Guelph's member, Carly! Carly is a not only an incredibly talented writer for HC Guelph, but also a kick ass singer and guitar player. Check her out on Instagram

Name: Carly Holmstead

Program: English with a minor in Child, Youth, and Family

Year: Third

Hometown: Burlington

3 words to describe yourself: Outgoing, driven, caring

Other involvement on campus: I volunteer for the first year seminar program and have been an Orientation week volunteer

What do you love about Guelph: It's a small city and the campus is small so you always run into friends. The campus is also really pretty so walking is fun and it’s close to home so I can go home a lot.

Why did you get involved with Her Campus: I wanted to be able to write and meet people and get more involved

Future career goals: Travel journalism

Relationship status: Single – find me on tinder

Sports/instruments you play: I play guitar

What’s your craziest/funniest/most embarrassing memory: Farting in my sleep  

Favourite food: All food,but pasta and Kelly's bake shop are faves

Favourite TV show: Friends