Campus Cutie: Ashley of Delta Pi

This week’s campus cutie is Ashley! Ashley is a third-year Criminal Justice & Public Policy major. She is also the 2016-2017 President and a founding sister of the Guelph Chapter of Delta Pi.

What made you want to be a part of Delta Pi?

I was approached with the opportunity to be a founding sister, and this was something that definitely interested me. Not only would I get the chance to be a part of Greek Life, but I would be able to make it my own since I would be the first president. The Jewish aspect really appealed to me as well.

What are your opinions on the widespread “sorority girl” stereotypes?

Its disheartening to hear these stereotypes because we’re not like that at all. We are a group of intelligent young women who want to be successful and be active in out communities. We’re respectful, but we also like to have fun.

How has joining a sorority changed your life?

Being in a sorority has been a very rewarding experience, I’ve gained a lot of great skills that I can translate into different areas of my life; with that said, the friendships that I’ve made are incredible. I have a big group of girls that I know will always be there for me.

Would you recommend joining a sorority?

Yes! It’s tremendously enhanced the university experience for me!

Is it hard to balance school with sorority commitments?

It’s a challenge, but a rewarding challenge. For me, it’s like taking on a sixth course, but it’s made me more conscious of how I spend my time and makes me more diligent.

What is your leadership style?

There’s no mentality that “I’m the boss” or anything – I’m there to make sure everything runs smoothly and if anyone is having problems they can always talk to me. I have to make some executive decisions at the end of the day, but it’s not like a dictatorship at all.

What is the worst part of sorority life?

We are a group of girls, and sometimes girls can be catty or have drama. It’s hard to have that when we’re all trying to work together or be professional, but it’s nice that each one of us in the sorority have grown to a point where we’re able to separate the friendships from the institution.