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Campus Cutie: Alana Gallant

Name: Alana Gallant


Program: Human Kinetics


Year: 3rd 


Hometown: Richmond Hill


3 Words to describe yourself: Funny, passionate, determined


Involvements on Campus: Water Polo, START on Track, Frontier College


Favourite Food: Chicken Pot Pie


Favourite TV Show: Right now, it’s “Grace and Frankie


Hobbies: Reading, swimming, watching movies


Future Career Goals: I want to be an occupational physiotherapist or midwife, but midwifery is definitely a new profession that I’ve started thinking about. I thought about it after my friend mentioned she was thinking of becoming one. It seems interesting and they make good money.


What Do You Love About UoG? I love all the nature on campus as well as how small it is. I like the sense of community.


If You Could Live in One Novel, Which Would You Pick? Harry Potter obviously, but I would want to go to school when the Weasley twins were there. Otherwise, it would be no fun.


Angel Su

Guelph '20

I'm a third year at the University of Guelph studying biomedical sciences. I love playing the piano/violin, and drinking tea. I also enjoy reading, writing, and colouring during my spare time.
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