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The Best Things I Watched During Self-Isolation


As we all know, we all had a lot of free time during the summer. Having lived with my family half an hour from the nearest Tim Hortons and not being able to drive, I had even more free time. Not only did I learn how to make my iced coffee to make it through my Tim Horton’s drought, but I also had a lot of time to watch movies and TV shows, and I thought I’d share my new favourites with you! 

1. The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) 

I only watched the first season of this show back in January, and the second season was released back in July, and I can happily say I enjoyed it just as much as the first one! I’m in love with everything about this show, the characters, the plot, not to mention the fantastic soundtrack (I’m addicted to their Spotify playlist!). If you haven’t given it a watch yet, this show should be at the top of your list! 

2. Hamilton (Disney+) 

I remember seeing the hype for this musical all over Tumblr when it came out in 2015, but I never paid much attention to it until it was released on Disney+ this year. And let me tell you: it is worth the hype and MORE. The music is phenomenal; the actors are outstanding, the choreography is – well, you get the point. I ended up watching this a second time after I watched it, and have had the soundtrack on repeat. (A word of warning: this musical is entirely sung-through, which put me off the first time I watched it, so make sure you’re ready for 2 hours and 40 minutes of nonstop music!) 

3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix) 

I binged all five seasons on this show in about a week (to be fair, they are only 20-minute episodes), and I fell in love with it super quickly. It is an animated series from Netflix partnered with Dreamworks, and it’s now definitely one of my top Netflix picks. The show is overflowing with GREAT LGBT+ representation, with canonically lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary characters. Though this was a big part of why I started watching the show, I think the plot of the show is fantastic – season 5 is incredibly phenomenal! 

4. Knives Out (Amazon Prime) 

I had no idea what to expect going into this dark comedy/murder mystery (it was my brother’s idea), but I can genuinely say that this is now one of my favourite movies! The film has a great cast (including big names like Chris Evans, Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Curtis) and a gripping storyline. Both suspenseful and humorous, I’d encourage anyone that has access to it to check it out! 

5. The Old Guard (Netflix)  

In need of an action movie with two badass women as two of the main characters? You may want to check this movie out! This film was released straight to Netflix this summer and had a super exciting plot about centuries-old warriors with regenerative healing abilities. The actors are great (you can’t go wrong with Charlize Theron), so be sure to check this one out if you haven’t yet – plus, they’re setting it up for a sequel, and I can’t wait! 

Leah is a fourth year Marine Biology student at the University of Guelph and a writer and editor in chief for Her Campus. In her free time she can be found engaging in activities such as reading and writing, drinking iced coffee, playing video games and staring longingly at the dogs she’s not allowed to pet on campus.
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