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Here are some 6 super simple and cheap ways to personalize your bedroom or dorm:

  • Memorabilia

This includes things you’ve collected from travels, or perhaps an item that brings you back to a great memory. Easy things to hang or tape to your wall could be postcards, old concert or movie tickets, cards people have written for you, or even labels from something you love.

  • Art

When I say art, I mean cheap posters of the Office or your favourite band. Or even more modern art, you know, like memes? Basically, I don’t expect you to track down a replica Mona Lisa for your dorm room. The University of Guelph has a poster fair once a semester that is great for stocking up on posters of famous icons, classic t.v. shows and movies, popular bands, and really cheesy inspirational quotes.

  • Quotes and lyrics

This one is extremely easy. All you need is a favourite quotation or lyric and you can handwrite it out or type it and print it. Or if you’re like me, you can highlight your favourite quote in a book and rip out the page. (I’m sorry for people who cringe at writing in books but I’ve surpassed those elementary school morals).

  • Pictures

Baby pictures, selfies with friends, or polaroids- hang em all!! Remember that weird stage in elementary school where everyone did piece signs and duck lips? Hang those bad boys up. Those days where you and your friends were looking fierce and took selfies? Hang em. Embarrassing pictures of your friends from their pre-glow-up days? Hang em. But don’t forget to throw in a few of the family, or your s.o., or your dog, or one of anyone’s dog really.

  • Inspirations and goals

This includes your WCW’s and your future ambitions. If there’s someone you look up to or something you aspire to be, put it on the wall! My goal is to go to teacher’s college in Ireland- a dream I’ve had for years. So, I have a picture of Ireland on the wall of my bedroom to keep me focused on the days I convince myself that I don’t need to go to class (so basically every day). Write down a goal on a piece of paper and stick it on that big ol’ canvas. Or print out an inspirational quote you found on Pinterest the other day.

  • Magazine cut-outs

You know those old magazines you have laying around? Or perhaps the ones your mom hoards if she’s anything like mine? Grab those and get flippin’ and snippin’ girl ‘cause that is some cheap quality deco material right there.

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