5 Steps for a More Sustainable Future at the University of Guelph

1. Compost Bins 

The amount of food waste seen at dining halls and at the UC is staggering. The addition of green bins (along with signs to inform students what is acceptable to throw into compost bins) would make a huge difference in the amount of times trash cans need to be emptied & the volume of food waste that will be sent from our university into landfills.

2. Reusable Paper Towel

This is idea may be revolutionary to North Americans, but for many countries in Europe it is a standard. Reusable paper towel is more sustainable than the paper towel dispensers that are currently in use in campus building washrooms. Reusable paper towel dispensers are also more hygienic than the electric hand dryer - some of which don’t even output enough air to properly dry your hands, increasing the risk of the spread of bacteria. 

Image Source: http://www.darmanco.com/endura2


3. More ashtrays/cigarettes disposal areas 

Cigarette butts on the ground near popular smoking areas can be harmful to the environment. However, adding more places for cigarette butts to be properly disposed of is an easy way to decrease the potential harm to waterways and animals that might consume the many cigarette butts littered across campus.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/cigarette-waste-nature-nicotine-1615306/


4. Motion Lights

Many areas and rooms on campus that are used infrequently do not need to be lighted at all times – like bathrooms and study rooms. The implantation of motion detecting lights could decrease the amount of wasted electricity used by the university to unnecessarily power these lights around the clock.

5. Bike Rental Program

Not every student can afford to buy a bike, or they may not have the means to store a bike (depending on their living situation). A bike rental program implemented by the University would make biking a more accessible option for students looking to reduce their carbon footprint, along with increasing their activity levels!

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/rental-bikes-bicycles-bikes-red-570111/