5 Self-Affirmations for Students During Midterm Season

Midterm season is a time filled with stress, where many of us stop feeling quite like ourselves. The lack of sleep, long study hours, coffee binges, and poor eating habits are enough to drive anyone crazy. Because of the immense pressure students feel it is easy to lose faith in yourself, and to watch your confidence plummet. Negative self-talk becomes common, and slight emotional breakdowns become plentiful. There are many articles out there that tell students how to avoid these realities and feelings through: self-discipline, time management, healthy eating and sleeping habits, and personal breaks. These are all great suggestions, but there is something even smaller that you can do for yourself this midterm season: self-affirmations. By repeating these affirmations to yourself every morning, you can confirm to yourself that you are going to be okay, even if a midterm or two goes awry.

1. I am smart.

Many people are forced outside of their comfort zones in university, because of mandatory courses. You may be brilliant at sociology, but statistics just aren’t your thing. You may be killer at chemistry, but writing isn’t your strong suit. Whatever it is, it is impossible to be a genius in every area. Intelligence comes in many shapes and forms. So at the end of the day, a lower mark in one course by no means shows you are brainless.

2. My worth is not decided by my grades.

Just as stated above, you can’t expect every midterm, assignment, paper or exam will be your best. Give yourself room to be human. And especially remember, that no matter what grade you get on your midterm, it likely will not matter in five years. You’re worth is not decided by a number, that ultimately often is just a representation of memorization.

3. I am capable.

Midterm season is extremely overwhelming. It becomes easy to want to give up because it feels like you just can’t do it. But you can. And rest assured, you will get through it. This midterm, any midterm, is just a small roadblock you can overcome. You have the capacity to get through anything.

4. I will be successful one day.

This goes hand-in-hand with the idea that it likely will not matter in five years. One midterm grade will not decide your future, even if it’s a bad one. There are always alternative ways to reach your goals, even if that midterm grade is important and goes wrong. If it doesn’t go well too, it might just be that that particular path is not meant for you. And it’s quite possible through studying a certain subject, that you might find out you don’t even like it, which may be reflected in your grade. This means you are one step closer to finding your path. It will all work out and you will find success. That’s the important thing to remember.

5. My health is important.

It is easy to say you can’t take a break because you feel overwhelmed and have to keep going. But too much stress can cause you to become physically ill. Skipping meals, becoming inactive, and cutting back on sleep to study will not help you succeed in the long-run. So if this midterm season you get to the point where you find your health is at risk, take time for yourself. You are only human and the most important thing is that you are healthy, mentally and physically. No midterm is worth jeopardizing your wellbeing.