4 Reasons Why Having Short Hair is Awesome

As summer slowly inches closer, you may be considering saying goodbye to your long, gorgeous locks in favor of a shorter style. Getting just a bit, or a lot of hair chopped off your head may be intimidating, but deciding to take the plunge and opt for a bob or an adorable pixie cut definitely has its perks. These are a few facts about having short hair, and an explanation for why getting a shorter hairstyle can be loads of fun!

1.     It does not take long to brush

Short hair really does take only a few seconds to brush, which can save you loads of time and energy in the morning. Also, dealing with short hair on windy days is a breeze (pun intended). There is no need to worry about your hair making you look like you were dragged through a bush backward, as it only takes a couple of moments in front of a mirror to transform your hair back to its normally sleek and stylish self.


2. It does not take loads of hair products to help it look its best


The other great thing about choosing to have a short hairstyle is that it requires much less shampoo and conditioner to help maintain it, which can save you money. Washing your clipped hair for the first time definitely feels a little strange, but don’t worry. You’ll get used to it very quickly.


3. Split ends, what are those?

If the thought of having split ends makes you panic, short hair is definitely the way to go. Putting your hair in ponytails and braids can be fun, but this can also lead to hair damage such as the development of frizz or dreaded split ends. Experimenting with braids or ponytails can be much more difficult (or completely impossible) with a pixie cut or a bob, but giving your hair a break can additionally prevent hair damage and ultimately, split ends.


4. The likelihood of things getting stuck in it is rather low


If you’re an avid gum chewer or a peanut butter lover, getting either of these two food items stuck in your Rapunzel-like hair may be a very real possibility. The likelihood of this terrifying event occurring significantly diminishes if you have short hair. Less hair framing your face or it being near your mouth and chin means that you never have to worry about the hassle of getting honey, spaghetti sauce, or any other part of your delicious meal stuck in your hair. It’s true that having short hair may slightly alter your appearance, but you never know how cute you might look with short hair unless you try it out for a while!