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4 Amazing Canadian TV Shows You Need to Watch

Canadian art often gets lost in the shadows, so here’s shining a spotlight on some of the best TV shows out there that also happen to be Canadian!

4. Working Moms 

This a lesser-known show. It takes place in Toronto and follows the ups and downs of 4 different women as they handle the different aspects of their lives; work, relationships, motherhood, family life and friendship. The show has 4 seasons so far and can be found on CBC or Netflix.  

3. Kim’s Convenience 

This is a comedy based on immigrant life in Canada. This show again takes place in Toronto, where the Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, run a convenience store. The characters stay with you and the comedy makes it a light and pleasant watch. The show is available to watch on Netflix and CBC!

2. Anne With An E 

This show is based on the Anne of Green Gables books. This show is a piece of cinematic art. While the show takes on a different tone than the books, the dialogues, picturesque Prince Edward Island and the invigorating storyline is a treat to watch. This show is available on Netflix and CBC.  

1. Schitt’s Creek  

In my opinion, Schitt’s Creek is the best Canadian show made to date.  This show was created by the father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy and swept 9 Emmy Awards this year. I only started watching it earlier this year, and it quickly became a favourite and the number 1 show on my recommendations list. With 6 great seasons, Schitt’s Creek has had a great run and has created a timeless series with memorable characters, which people will come back to time and time again! Watch it now on Netflix, CBC or Amazon Prime. 

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