3 Habits to adapt for the new school year

As school slowly starts and we begin to make it our first priority, it can be hard to go back to some beneficial habits that we might have lost during the summer. It’s important to set a routine and stay motivated throughout the semester. Here are three habits that go a long way and help you get started on a successful year. 

1. Keep a planner

It’s so important to write down all necessary dates for your classes such as midterms, assignments and test dates so you’re not overwhelmed when all of it starts rolling in and you have midterms after midterms. Since you have more than one class in a semester, it’s safe to put all those dates in one place so you’re aware of what is coming at you once life gets stressful. Keeping a planner is not only helpful for your academics but also for your extra-curricular and personal life. In essence, it’s your saviour when things are hectic and you start to lose track of time. 

2. Maintaining your health 

Once those first few assignments and rough days begin to hit you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget about taking care of yourself. Maintaining your health doesn’t always mean to eat healthily and exercising on a daily basis. It also means taking a day off from academics and your professional lives to relax and re-charge. It’s crucial to take a few days throughout the semester to yourself and relax in any way that works best for you. That could be sleeping all day, watching TV, going on a run or going out but regardless it’s important to take a day off. In addition to that, it’s also important to not forget to eat healthily and keeping a balanced diet throughout the semester when it gets stressful and also to get some sort of exercise on a regular basis.  

3. Staying involved in school 

Everyone always says to get involved in school and quite frankly that could be a little difficult in university due to various reasons but it doesn’t change the fact that it is still very important to get involved. Getting involved in school helps you build a stronger network, gives you the opportunity to know different parts of the school and lets you get away from academics while on campus. In some cases, many organizations on campus help with fundraising and raising awareness for different causes and it feels heartwarming to be a part of the change. It’s very crucial to not forget to keep getting involved on campus even with a hectic schedule but make sure you don’t get yourself too involved and feel stressed out inside and outside of the classroom.