14 Ways to Get Long Luscious Locks

14 Ways to get Long Luscious Locks

Everyone wants to have long luscious locks! Here are a few things you can do to help you get that long hair that you have always wanted!

1. Use a wide tooth hair brush so you are not splitting your ends. 

2. When brushing your hair start from the ends and work your way up


3. Avoid brushing your hair when its wet


4. Avoid any use of heat on hair if possible

5. Let your hair air dry



6. Massage your head before you go to bed for about 5 minutes to stimulate hair follicles’ for hair growth


7. Drink lots of water, if you are dehydrated than so is your hair.

8. Don’t wash your hair every day.

9. When applying conditioner in the shower only apply to the bottom of your hair

10. When applying shampoo in the shower only apply to the top of your hair

11. Sleep on a silk pillow case so you hair is not pulled out when you are sleeping

12. Trim your hair every 4 months to keep hair from breaking at the ends

13. Use oil on the tips of your hair to keep moisture in them.

14. If you need to put you hair up find an hair elastic that won’t damage you hair