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10 Reading Week Activities That Don’t Suck

Busting boredom is a serious lockdown problem. If you’re like me, the minute you finish your to-do list, the boredom sets in – and suddenly, you’ve spent your whole day scrolling Instagram instead of entertaining yourself. But try Googling “Things to do when bored,” and you’ll probably find lists upon lists of the same (boring) ideas. So, what should you do over reading week while you’re stuck at home? Here are ten socially-distanced activities to entertain you and make the most of your break! 

  1. Go for a walk on a new trail or a route you haven’t taken before. Take pictures of anything interesting you see along the way. Print them out and make a collage of photos from your walk. Over top of the collage, write out three things that you’re grateful for.  

  2. Get a friend on board and each pick one specific topic that interests you. Maybe it’s a celebrity rumour, a certain takeout brand, or the best pickup lines (just some ideas). Then, each person creates a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation on the subject – use lots of animations and pictures to make it fun! Present the slideshows over video call and let the laughs ensue.  

  3. Mail a care package to your best friend, parents, or other important people in your life. Choose 2-5 items that make you think of that person and include a letter or card to let them know how important they are to you! Item ideas include: a collage of photos, stickers, something to play with (i.e., Play-Doh), a pair of fuzzy socks, or snacks.  

  4. Recreate your favourite restaurant meal at home. See if you can find a similar recipe on Pinterest, or totally freehand the dish. It’s up to you! 

  5. Sort through all of your old clothes and list the ones in good condition on a second-hand selling site, such as Depop or Poshmark. Collect some cash over the break and give your clothes a second chance! Make sure you check fees and shipping costs before beginning. 

  6. Have a mocktail (or cocktail, if you’re of age) night with your household. Each person recreates their favourite drink and serves it to the others. Bonus points if you dress up in theme with your drink (ahem: Leis and Pina Coladas, anyone?).  

  7. Host a Zoom drop-in hour. Send the Zoom invite link to all of your friends, put on some music, and let people drop-in to say hi and chat throughout the hour.  

  8. Have a snowball fight with your household. Yes, seriously. Feeling like a kid again is the BEST way to spend your break.  

  9. Spend an hour searching Instagram, Facebook, and Google for small businesses in your area. Check out their websites and order yourself something small or keep the list to shop when things open up again. Shopping local is a win-win, always.  

  10. Find a list of self-reflection or gratitude prompts and fill one out every morning in your Notes app or journal. You’ll be glad that you took some time to look inward and feel grateful, and it will improve your break – even if you spend the rest of your time studying.  

Emma is a writer who enjoys topics like current events, fashion, spirituality, and more! She is in her first year of International Development Studies at the University of Guelph, and hopes to travel lots in the future. She can be found trying out new makeup looks, putting together outfits, reading, or lounging with her cats at home. Feel free to reach out to Emma anytime, she loves making new friends! Email her at ejull@uoguelph or see her social media links below. http://linkedin.com/in/emmajull www.Instagram.com/emmajull
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