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Your Perfect Summer Cocktail Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As the summer season rolls in, the struggle to achieve the perfect body, the most radiant skin, or have at least one vacation on the calendar is real. So to lighten your load, the stars have one thing planned for you this summer: COCKTAILS!

The best part about summer cocktails is that nothing else has to be a certain way for you to enjoy them. Whether you decide to stay home or go out, be single or coupled up, healthy or indulgent, a cocktail will always fit the occasion.

Here is your perfect summer cocktail based on the most obvious stereotypes of your sign!

Don't forget to click the drink for your recipe!

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Spicy Mango Margarita 

I wouldn’t recommend a spicy drink for just anyone. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, you hold a distinct pioneering spirit and you share your boundless energy with everyone around, just like this drink.


Peach Tea Crown Royal

You deserve to indulge in a home-style drink that leaves you feeling warm and cozy. Kick your feet up to this drink, Taurus. This for the days you sit on the porch or cuddle up in a lavish suite. Take the day off with this and surround yourself with your most prized possessions. It’s a good summer.



Just Kidding. Crisp and refreshing at first, with a delightful kick after a couple of drinks. You get a blackberry gin & tonic because it’s two-toned of course! But also, a drink as artful and exquisite as this is sure to be a conversation starter. What will you tell the others?

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Fishbowl Cocktail

You deserve a drink you can get lost in, Cancer. A fishbowl is an aquatic masterpiece in a bowl. Add your favorite fruits and candies to this drink and use your creative instincts to make it beautiful and captivating.


Pornstar Martini

Someone as bright as you deserves a drink just as bold. If Leo were a fruit, they’d be a passion fruit and that’s why this drink is yours. Whether you order this at the bar or make it at home, this is a cocktail fit for the main character you are.


Moscow Mule w/ Cucumber

A Moscow mule done well is a Moscow mule done right. Though it seems simple, it’s the quality of ingredients you put in this cocktail that makes or breaks it. Tinker with the variations in this drink. Knowing you, Virgo, you can probably make your own signature.

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Expense of Honesty

There is no better drink for you than this. The Expense of honesty has the perfect balance of deep warm liquor and honey that melts away conflict and beckons peace.


New York Sour

A daring and penetrating drink for a daring and penetrating soul. A New York Sour done right looks like power in a glass. This is a cocktail fit for a boss like yourself. Scan the room through soft squinted eyes as you sip this for extra theatrical effect.


Straight Whiskey

Let’s just get to the point here, Sag. No mixer, no flavor, no ice-- just good ol’ Tennessee whiskey neat. Grab your best glass and tell your best stories.


French 75 w/ vodka

This drink exudes class and refinery. No one orders prosecco and vodka unless they’ve got their lives together, or at least look like it! You’ll be surprised how smooth such a strong drink goes down. This is Capricorn all the way.


Pop Rocks Martini

You are always a wonderful surprise, just like this drink. There is no rulebook for the perfect cocktail, and while the others sip their drinks and taste, you get a full sensory experience. Indulge in those things that electrify you, Aquarius.


Blue Jellyfish Shot

This drink is as transcendent as you. Add a little cream and you have the romance only one can achieve when they take the time to create a tiny jellyfish in a shot glass. Add a little more cream, and this cocktail looks as wispy as if you were staring up at the sky on a beautiful day. Let this cocktail sweep you away; just remember to come back down!

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These summer cocktails are perfect if you need a refresher or a warm reminder that even if your summer didn’t go exactly as planned, it’ll all work out. And feel free to try a drink from another sign, remember, you have a whole birth chart to explore!

Happy summer and happy sipping!

Georgia State University c/o 2021
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