You Took An L, Here's How to Recover

So maybe you worked really hard on something or maybe you didn’t and the result was that you took a major loss. But the next question is, how do you recover? To be honest, there isn’t an easy answer to this at all, but there are ways to bounce back and get that win that you’ve been striving for.

Maybe this was academic, socially, relationship or business oriented. Whatever the case may be, taking a loss is so hard especially when you possibly did everything in your power to make sure that it was successful. Maybe you worked so hard to ensure that nothing went wrong or maybe you had it all planned out and just knew that it was fool proof. Have you ever considered that maybe you were in your own way?


Sometimes when we take these huge losses, we look to blame other people of our circumstances (which sometimes attributes to the outcome) when that is not always the case. Sometimes we are the fault in our own plan and here’s how.


  1.  Working hard doesn’t always get you want, even if you work REALLY hard.

Doing everyone’s job? Here’s the issue. You put so much time and attention to other people’s jobs that you can never focus on your own. Sure, things will come together but how many times have you benefited from this? It’s definitely time to pull back a bit sis and realize that you cannot do it all. You were not created to be superwoman and if you thought that you were, take off the cape, hang it up and go get a massage.

  1. Did you really study?

There is a difference between retaining information and reading a book. By now, we should know that and sometimes we can forget that part. There is a such thing as over studying guys and in that event, we study so much that nothing sticks anymore. Or if you’re on the other side of this, just because you carry your books around doesn’t meant that you’ll study, either. Skimming through the book right before a major test actually isn’t a thing. Sit down and try to plan out a schedule. Use colorful pens and highlighters to grab your attention.

  1. So you didn’t get the job.

Here is an instance where you have to look at what you brought to the table. Was it truly your best or did you doubt yourself in the process? Sometimes even when you’re super prepared you can still overthink scenarios that cause you to win in the end. Trust us, we know it’s not fair. You came qualified but somehow you just didn’t get it and that’s okay. This is the point where you have to train your mind to believe that you can do anything you tell it to. Think back to your job interview and see if you made eye contact. Did you fidget much? Did you speak loud enough? Or was your handshake strong enough? Sometimes, all of these things factor into why you did or did not get what you were striving for. Think about what you can do better next time and trust us, you’ll get it.


  1. Take a break, because you need one.

This is more than the kit kat theme song, but it’s what you need to be successful. You have to allot yourself the time to be as amazing as you strive to be! Breaks in essence, are necessary and the more you work that break time into your schedule the more you will be rested.

  1. Everybody takes an L, even your favorite people.

Oprah took n L. Bill Gates took an L and so many more influential people that we look up to took L’s. Taking a loss does not mean that you were not good enough for what you were going for, sometimes it means that it simply was not meant for you in that particular season and maybe, it’s time to focus on something else that will literally give you your life. This journey may be a tough one, but it is not the time to blame yourself. Your circumstances do not define you, but sometimes we have to look at what we can do differently to do better next time.

At the end of the day, you are great! Taking a L does not mean that you are not worth the hype because trust us, you are. Sometimes taking a step back and simply accepting that loss is what you need at the end of the day because it will show you just how “life like” it is. It does not mean that it is the end of the world, but it does mean that you can glow up on your own accord.


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