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Worth The Watch: The Best Entertainment on Streaming Services Right Now

When I get a bit of free time, which is unfortunately rare these days, I love to watch things. This could be movies, TV shows, documentaries, or even YouTube videos. Today I am going to share with you a particular genre of tv shows/movies that I like to watch. In my head, the genre is called “stuff that leaves you with your jaw dropped.”

Hunter Hunter on Hulu

Hunter Hunter is about a family that lives in the woods and becomes under threat when a wolf terrorizes them. One day, the father leaves to kill the wolf and stumbles across something he was better off not seeing. While waiting for her husband to return, the wife rescues an injured man from the woods….or that’s what he wants her to think.

The build-up takes a while but is filled with suspense. Just when you think you’re getting bored is when shit hits the fan. This movie is a great chill day, scary-ish watch. 

Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Behind Her Eyes is a TV show about a woman who meets another woman, and they start practicing astral projection. How and why they start doing this is something you’ll have to tune in for. It’s a MAJOR part of the plot.

This show showed astral projection as essentially removing your entire consciousness from your body and roaming free as an orb. This explanation sounds crazy, but so is the show. I can’t say too much without spoiling the show, but the title gives a big hint. Behind HER eyes, not behind MY eyes. This show is definitely worth watching. It’s one of Netflix’s limited series, meaning there are only eight episodes, so it’s definitely something you can binge in a night or two!

Clickbait on Netflix

Clickbait starts off on 10! Within the first 20 minutes, a man has been kidnapped and accused of murdering a woman. Meanwhile, the whole ordeal is being recorded and uploaded. When the video reaches 5 million views, the man is to die.

But it can never be that simple. This show will lead you in about four different directions until you get to the real story, and when you find out, it’s even more shocking than anything you were thinking before. While watching this show, I was sure I had the plot figured out, but boy oh boy was I wrong. This limited series is another Netflix original, so binge!

Black Box on Prime Video

Black Box is very similar to behind her eyes. A man can’t remember anything and starts doing a very weird type of therapy/treatment, but the doctor giving him this treatment has her own motives.

Once again, I can’t say too much without ruining the plot, but it’s so worth the watch. Intriguing at every point in the movie and similar to Clickbait in the sense that you think it’s going in one direction and says SIKE.

Love, Death, Robots on Netflix 

Last on the list is Love, Death, Robots. This TV show is just like Black Mirror. Every episode is different; some use real people, some use animation, some use CGI…it’s very cool, honestly. It’s also like Black Mirror in the sense that it’s very twisted. The episodes almost always seem to be in the future in some sort of dystopian world. It’s a cool, dark and twisted show, and the episodes are very entertaining and short, so why not.

When you watch these tv shows/movies, prepare yourself to be taken on a rollercoaster.

Hi, my name is Jasmine Barrow and I am a senior Journalism student at Georgia State University! I love that HER Campus provides a platform for the superior species to talk freely about whatever! ig: @jasminebarroww
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