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Why Chai Tea Lattes May Be Your Best Bet

I learned an interesting fact recently while trying to figure out how to make my favorite drink at home. Did you know that “chai” actually means tea? Therefore, chai tea actually translates to “tea” tea? If you’ve never had chai before, you should try it out! If you’re an avid coffee drinker like so many other people, maybe it’s time to switch over. Known as an “exotic” drink, chai tea lattes combine a mixture of spices (namely ginger, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon) with black tea, water, and steamed milk. The caffeine content is more than Coke, and the caffeine circulates through your body slowly instead of giving you an immediate caffeine high like coffee. No jitters, just smooth and calm. Sipping on chai tea lattes will ease your mind and make you feel happier. Now I bet you’re wondering, where should I try this fabulous drink? Your first stop should be here, right on campus.

1. Who would have guessed that in our very own library, Saxby’s Coffee, actually has some of the best chai tea lattes around! My number one spot goes to them. Their small cup will cost you $3.25, and if you want to add a flavor like cinnamon or vanilla (which we highly recommend) then it will cost you $3.60. You can add practically any flavor and it is well worth the price. They also have specialty and seasonal flavors (right now being Gingerbread).

2. Next, the little coffee shop that you’ve probably passed on the corner near Aderhold is second best. This place is called One Caffe, and a small chai latte costs $3.45. Students should note that they give a 10% student discount.

3. Third, the cheapest on the list, would be sold at Corner Bakery Café ($2.79). It’s farther down on Peachtree, but for a price like this you may have to make the walk. 

4. Fourth, would of course be good ole’ Starbucks (small $3.25). They have an option from one of my favorite ladies in the world; Oprah. Her chai tea latte is $3.45, and some of the proceeds go to benefit youth education. A 25 cent donation is made for every cup sold.

Do you agree or disagree Panthers? What is your caffeinated beverage of choice and where do you get it? Let us know! 

Carlyn Pounders is a senior at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She will be graduating in May with a degree in Journalism (concentration in Multimedia Reporting) and double minor in Political Science and African American Studies. She is an avid consumer of news. She enjoys talking politics or arts and culture.
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