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When Politics and Relationships Clash

When President Donald Trump was elected into office on November 8, 2016, none of us knew then just how bad things were going to get. When I saw the news channels showing people across the country crying because President Trump won, I thought they were being dramatic. I thought that they were simply overreacting. Knowing what I know now, it’s clear that Trump doesn’t care about the general public’s well being. Based on the policies that have been enacted, it appears that Trump doesn’t value black, brown and immigrant lives. For example, President Trump signed the “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” on January 25, 2020. This order has been extremely detrimental to immigrants and their families for many reasons, one being the unsafe detention camps they’re placed in while waiting for their day in court. 

Sign Immigrants make America Great

When Trump became our president, there was also a  shift within the country’s individuals. People have become more bold, violent, and hateful both in person and online. I’m not saying those actions and kinds of people didn’t exist prior to “Make America Great Again” but they seem to be at an all time high now. For example, think of all these “Karen’s”, white women who make false claims to the police against black people, primarily men. I didn’t see this type of behavior rampant until Trump became our leader. 

I strongly believe that it’s okay to end relationships because of political differences. At this point and time, it’s more so a human rights concern. If you can sit here and honestly say you think Trump cares about the rights of his citizens more than he does his wealth and celebrity friends, I have no reason to indulge in further conversation with you. It’s not because I don’t appreciate other opinions but because I can’t afford to internalize negative rhetorics that are meant to be oppressive and manipulative in nature. I now see why those people were crying in disbelief when Trump miraculously won the 2016 presidential election. 

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When things like mass incarceration, police brutality, protesting, deportation and Covid-19 are all happening at once, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings. It’s important that we continue to put ourselves first and not allow people to tell us that we’re wrong or liberals for believing in rights for all people. Being on the right side of history is critical for me and the family and friends I associate with. This ultimately means cutting ties with those who refuse to acknowledge that our country is in shambles right now. In order for us to all to have a better future, we must exercise our right to vote in this upcoming election. 

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