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What Does Your Decor Style Say About You?

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Interior design has been a prominent aspect of my life since I was a child and gradually started into an obsession with HGTV. Later on, I applied for the Design program at Georgia State University, and not only did I make it, but I also became the Vice President of the organization.

With that, I kinda have some knowledge of the different types of decor. Now, there are thousands of different ones but I’ll narrow it down to a few! 

  1. Mid-Century Modern
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This type of decor is actually one of my favorites (and I will probably say that about the majority of them), because of the iconic modern pieces that were designed for this look. When you think of mid-century modern, it definitely gives West Elm. With this design you are more into clean lines, a combo of natural materials and man-made, muted tones, but also vibrant colors at times, and of course graphic shapes.

  1. Urban Modern

This is definitely my personal interior design style if you were curious. If you like urban modern decor, you definitely want to live in a high-rise New York apartment one day overlooking the view of the city and central park! You like the sleek look and can be a tad of a minimalist as well. You like a mix of modern, chic, and edginess as well. You also like a lot of low-profile furniture, and live for creative expression with geometric designs and traditional embellishments. Stores like CB2, and Room&Board are more in your lane.

  1. Scandinavian

If you are into Scandinavian style, you are def a minimalist. You love simple, contemporary, and functional design. You like foundational colors such as white and grey tones, and overall a clean aesthetic. Scandinavians tend to like more natural wood tones and textures such as wool and linen. A store that most people see as the Scandinavian style would be IKEA.

  1. Industrial

I tend to be a fan of industrial decor when it is done right. And to me, that is a balance of modern rustic and some rugged vintage elements. If you like industrial, you are more into exposed pipes and ducts, the combination of wood and metal, concrete floors, vintage furniture, and earth tone colors to tie all those elements together. A store that I think does industrial very well is Restoration Hardware.

  1. Bohemian

I think this name speaks for itself. Bohemian design is for that carefree spirited person that loves adventures. If you like the more Bohemian style you like vibrant colors like reds and purples. You like to layer on textiles such as pillows, throws, tapestry, and those fuzzy rugs. Bohemian design is very laid back and can be the opposite of a minimalist because of all the different textures and layers going on but when it is done right, it feels magical. Stores such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie would be your go-to for home decor.

  1. Shabby Chic

If you like Shabby Chic design you definitely love the cottage core vibes. Vintage furniture is your go-to along with mixing minimal colors with maximalist decor. You like softness and would go towards light linens and it exudes femininity. I think Shabby Chic is farmhouse style done correctly, honestly. The store that comes to mind for me is Arhaus.

Which style is your favorite?

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