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Valentine’s Day preparation checklist

Valentine’s Day is the day dedicated solely to the celebration of shared love. This is the day where couples get to show off their presents, their affection, and themselves; so of course, you should try to look your best!

The Valentine’s date is made even more special when both partners put forth optimal effort to getting ready because it shows that you are excited and invested your partner, and you want your relationship to illustrate that. Plus, if that’s not a good enough reason, Valentine’s day is one of the best excuses you have to treat yourself and show out!


In order to look and feel your best, and grab the most attention, utilize this checklist for prepping for that special Valentine’s Day date.

Bold and flawless makeup

    Red is the color of love. It’s also the most popular choice of lip color for Valentine’s Day. A bold red lip symbolizes feminity, confidence, and power. Who knew a simple red lip could affirm your confidence in your relationship to your partner as well as onlookers? This day is also the time you want to make sure your makeup appears flawless in any light because pictures are a really big deal. To make sure your makeup remains impeccable in every light, grab that HD foundation and be sure to pair it with a quality setting powder so your skin will look baby soft and you won’t look like Casper the friendly ghost when you take pictures with flash.


MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo: $17

Make-up Forever Ultra HD foundation: $43

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder: $38



New hair

    There is no shame in going all out for your romantic date. One of the first things your partner will notice is a difference in hair style. This means you should think outside the box or even do that one hairstyle that takes forever. Effort is cool, so go ahead and drop the money on that fresh weave or the bold highlights. If you’re on a budget, that curling/straightening iron, or complex braiding technique is always the way to go. The more dramatic the hair change, the more appreciation you are sure to receive.


Curly braided updo

Wand curls

Bone straight with a middle part    


Fresh set of nails

    You can even look your best as you reach for your special Valentine’s day gift. A fresh set of nails even makes holding hands that much more valuable. It’d be even better if you go out of your comfort zone and shoot for the most dramatic nails. If you’re used to short nails, opt for that coffin or stiletto shape. If you’re used to basic polish, add on those glitter and gems this time.  Even if you don’t care for fake nails, go out and buy a new, high-quality polish. Honestly, this is more of a personal favor than one for your relationship, but you can love yourself too this Valentine’s Day! Countless studies show that getting your nails done can greatly boost confidence as well as the feeling of lapping in luxury so let your hands signify the goals you have for yourself and your romantic relationship.


OPI Thrill of brazil: $7.99

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in Big Money: $8.99

Pink and white ombre w/ gem decals: $40+

Expensive perfume

    After leaving the date, you want to leave an impression on your date mentally and physically. The easiest way to leave a lasting physical impression is with a good fragrance. That Bath and Body Works spray is great for an everyday fresh scent, but it seldom catches anyone’s attention. This is what expensive perfume is for. Every woman should have at least one expensive perfume in their collection. This is because it not only makes you feel like royalty, but it makes other people believe you are as well. Admit it; when that fine man walks past and you are left with only the scent of his delectable cologne, you can’t help but look back in admiration. Now imagine how your date will feel. All you have to do is exchange a hug. Now, well after that date, you are not only on their mind, but on their clothes too.


Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum: $130

CHANEL Chance Eau de Toilette: $80

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Toilette: $91

Statement dress/shoes/jewelry

    When going on a special date with that special someone, that dress-for-success dress just won’t cut it. Whether you’re date is taking place somewhere more or less formal, it is always important to stand out. Not only will you feel like a red carpet celebrity, your date will feel as if they’ve won the lottery (even more so than they already do). Even your Sunday’s best isn’t the best option. Reach for that dress/outfit in the deepest darkest part of your closet that you feel you’ve never had the right occasion to wear it. It is that dress that you bought because it looks too good on you to put back on the shelf even though you know it’s one that you may never get the chance to wear. Put that dress on and look how you want to feel. If you don’t have that statement dress/outfit yet, hit up your nearest mall so you don’t have to go through the stress of delivery. The same goes for your shoes and jewelry of choice. Valentine’s Day is the day you get to pop-out in the name of love.


Off-the shoulder dress/shirt

Low neckline dress/shirt

Bodycon dress

Nude pumps



Don’t forget: Emergency dental hygiene

    If you’re carrying a purse, be sure to include an emergency dental hygiene kit. This kit will include two basic necessities: gum and floss. Valentine’s Day should be a day full of smiles, laughter, and communication. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having someone stare at your mouth as you talk or grin. Be sure to check your teeth for leftover food or lipstick stains especially before any pictures are taken. If your meal consisted of any spices, seafood, coffee, or alcoholic beverages. Pop in stick of gum for a couple of minutes and keep the conversation rolling.





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