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The Ultimate List of Spooky Series and Movies on Your Favorite Streaming Services

BOO! It’s spooky season! There is nothing that will get you in the mood for Halloween quite like a film or series. Grab your candy corn and apple cider, it’s time to cozy up and binge watch!


Movie: The Conjuring

If you want to be jump-out-of-your-seat scared, you must watch “The Conjuring”. This film is based on a true story and is sure to frighten you. Pro tip: don’t watch this one alone. You will literally be up all night. 

Series: The Walking Dead

Zombies, action and mystery, oh my! If you are looking to binge watch a scary series, try watching “The Walking Dead”. With 10 seasons of horror and addictive storylines, you can’t go wrong.

2. amazon prime

Movie: Jennifer’s Body 

Any true fan of Megan Fox knows this is an incredibly underrated film. Honestly, I don’t think people were ready for a man-eating bisexual cheerleader in 2009, but we sure are now. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

Series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This timeless series is loved by many for it’s creepy tales and supernatural settings. If you love all things horrifying with a teen drama twist, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” is for you!

3. hulu

Movie: Halloweentown 

You simply cannot ignore the fact that “Halloweentown” was a cultural reset and one of the best Halloween films to date. If you aren’t into the super spooky movies, this one is lighthearted and fun for all ages to watch.

Series: Scream Queens

Sorority sisters killing people all over campus? What could possibly go wrong? “Scream Queens” is a killer comedy-horror show revolving around a series of murders at a sorority house. Word of advice: try to look beyond the cringey-ness in the first episode, it gets better! 

4. paramount+

Movie: A Quiet Place 

At a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there is no doubt “A Quiet Place” is a must-watch this spooky season. This is one of those films you just can’t take your eyes off the screen for. Seriously, there are barely any words spoken in 90 minutes, so you will need to pay attention. Once you watch this movie, you will never forget it!

Series: The Twilight Zone

Ah yes, the golden age of television. Let’s face it, there is something creepy in itself by watching a black and white tv show, but throw in some supernatural sci-fi and you’ve got yourself a spooky Saturday night. “The Twilight Zone” is a classic you will absolutely adore. 

5. disney+

Movie: Hocus Pocus

I’ll be the first to say it: “Hocus Pocus” is THE best Halloween movie to ever be made. A virgin lights the black flame candle and all hell breaks loose in Salem. The Sanderson Sisters make a return after 300 years and cause a bit of ruckus on one long Halloween night. If you haven’t seen it before, make it a point to watch this year!

Series: Wizards of Waverly Place

If you are 22 and in love with spooky things now (it’s me, I’m the 22 year old), it probably started in 2007 when you first watched “Wizards of Waverly Place”. This series follows Alex Russo through the everyday hardships (and benefits!) of being a young wizard in training. The show is not the least bit scary, but will definitely get you in the Halloween spirit. 

6. hbo max

Movie: It (2017)

The 2017 version of “It” is honestly even better than the first. It’s absolutely terrifying at times, but still worth the watch for the great storyline and new generation of Pennywise victims. Pro tip: don’t like clowns? Don’t even try to watch.

Series: Pretty Little Liars 

I was the 12 year old who was glued to my TV every Tuesday night to watch a new episode of PLL. Flashforward to today, I am the 22 year old who is glued to my TV every single night to rewatch PLL. This show follows the murder of Alison DiLaurentis and her friends journey to put together the missing pieces of her death. It is one of my favorite shows to date. Not to mention, the first season has alllll the fall vibes.

7. peacock

Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” is basically a right of passage for all spooky movie lovers. Back in 1984, this movie was as scary as they came. It still reigns as a must-watch horror film in 2021 because the character Freddy Krueger is timeless. Give it a watch!

Series: Paranormal Witness

The scariest horror TV shows are the ones that follow true stories. “Paranormal Witness” has a new, true supernatural story each episode, and with 5 seasons to binge, you will never lose interest. 

8. showtime

Movie: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Remember those “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” books that you used to read in the library at 10 years old? By the way, why were those allowed at school? Anyways, they have created a movie so you can relive all of your childhood fears! My personal fave was Harold the scarecrow back in the day– prepare to be reminded. 

Series: Dexter

Ever known a murder investigator who also commits the murders? Yeah, me neither, until I found “Dexter”.  “Dexter” is a psychological thriller that screams Halloween. With 8 seasons to watch, you probably won’t trust anyone around you after completing the series, sorry.

These horrifying films and must-watch series are essential for a terrifying Halloween season. Indulge in some popcorn, grab a fuzzy blanket and watch them all… if you dare.


Autumn Boekeloo is an aspiring entertainment journalist living in Atlanta, GA. She is a senior at Georgia State University majoring in Multimedia Journalism and minoring in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. The 21 year old will be graduating in December 2021 with a B.A. and several academic awards. Autumn has written for print and online newspapers at Georgia State. She enjoys writing articles about lifestyle, festivals and all things Atlanta. She hopes to work for a magazine one day while pursuing her own blog.
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