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The Met Gala Has Returned, But I Guess Everyone Didn’t Get The Memo

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The iconic long stairs. Paparazzi are cascading down one side while the interviewers stand on the other side. The fans are waiting anxiously outside for the celebrities’ debut. Yes, I am talking about The Met Gala. The party that brings the top celebrities in music, fashion, and film together for one night of over-the-top outfits and the exaggerated beauty to match. This is the time that all fashion lovers wait for, including me. Here are the top outfits that I loved and the top ones that didn’t meet my expectations. 

My Top Outfits

Chloe & Halle

I was in love with Chloe & Halle’s ensembles. They both wore Rodarte, and even though their outfits were separate, they still represented their personalities and even had similarities. The main similarity I noticed was the freeness of the outfit. Both dresses swung and flowed freely, and this created a beautiful dynamic to the dress.


The gold, the length, the dramatics, I was in love. Normani executed this Valentino dress and blew me away. The dress meshed with her skin well, and her beauty matched it. When it came to hair and makeup, it fit the overall look just right. The slick back bun was a great choice and enhanced the makeup.  


Iman outdid herself this year. She was giving Queen status in her Dolce & Gabbana x Harris Reed look as she walked the carpet. The overall ensemble bled African royalty. From head to toe, this look gave just the right amount of over the top while also being fashionable.

Paloma Elsesser

Red was a statement piece, and she wore it well. Paloma wore Zac Posen, and can I just say “WOW.” Her entire outfit gave me old Hollywood vibes, which I find fit the theme perfectly. This look was elevated even more by the hair and makeup. She chose to finger wave her hair and decided on an overly dramatic red eyeshadow. In my opinion, this could’ve really turned out bad, but suprisingly it didn’t ruin the look one bit. Overall the outfit graced her body amazingly, and it was just breathtaking.  

Yara Shahidi

Yara was absolutely beautiful as she embodied Josephine Baker. The headpiece, the Christian Dior dress, her makeup. All I can say is “Stunning.” My favorite part of her look was actually the gloves. This small detail, I believe, enhanced her look because it ties the modern with the old Hollywood.

Imaan Hammam

At first glimpse, it was a “No,” but it turned into a “yes” when I went back to review the pictures. In my opinion, the dress, a vintage Atelier Versace piece, fit the occasion and was gorgeous.  I wanna call the dress a “graceful star spangle banner” because it’s gorgeous. It cascades down her body beautifully and had pretty detailing. Her makeup and hair didn’t disappoint either. Whenever I see a woman proudly wearing her curls, I instantly become obsessed, so obviously, she had to make my list.

Megan Fox

Designed by Dundas, Megan Fox was another one who decided to pop out in red, and it looked gorgeous on her.  I feel that crisscrosses are a tricky detail to accomplish on a dress because if it isn’t accomplished correctly, it can diminish the quality of the dress, but on Megan’s dress, it wasn’t overdone. The jewelry also accented the dress perfectly. It wasn’t too gaudy.

My bottom OUtfits

Kim Petras

I didn’t get the horse theme, nor was I on board with the horse theme. To me, the horsehead is the main thing that ruined the look. I feel that she could’ve passed if that huge head wasn’t in the very front of the dress. I also want a huge fan of the horse-tail-inspired ponytail. I feel the overall horse look should’ve been done in a more fashionable way.

Serena Williams

My hopes were high for Serena Williams because I’ve seen her serve looks on several occasions, so I was expecting her to come with her best, but I was sadly let down. The outfit didn’t mesh, and it just wasn’t cohesive. I always say, If you’re not going to follow the theme of the Met Gala, then you should at least serve a beautiful look. If Serena had came to the Met Gala looking stunning, I would’ve completely overlooked her not following the theme, but that wasn’t the case. As I said before, I liked the feather coat, but it was not cohesive at all with the silver jumpsuit.

Rebecca Hall

This outfit was not my taste at all. The fabrics didn’t mesh well, and the overall look didn’t match up to what it should’ve been. In my opinion, the dress can’t be saved. I disliked the entire outfit. From the collar to the fabric bra all the way down the fabric bottom. I don’t see the beauty in the dress at all.

Whoopi Goldberg

I was not a fan of Whoopi Goldberg’s look at all. I didn’t understand it, it wasn’t my taste, and to me, it didn’t meet the Met Gala standard. Plus, the colors weren’t cohesive, and it was just a mess. I’m sorry, but I was very disappointed.

There were so many more celebs that absolutely killed it, but I had to narrow it down because we could go on forever. This was the perfect opportunity for designers and celebrities to come together again and express themselves, especially after the year we’ve had. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

Amber Johnson is an aspiring editorial/social media editor living in Atlanta, GA. She is a senior at Georgia State University majoring in Marketing. The 21-year-old will be graduating in December 2021. Amber has written for College Fashionista and Official. She enjoys writing articles about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. In her free time, you can find her either reading, listening to a podcast, or watching Netflix.
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