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Fashion is a tool. It is a tool among many other things that allows you to express yourself, boost your confidence, be creative, and make a statement. Overall, it enhances the beauty one already possesses. From chic to edgy, outfits are similar to attitudes. One day you can be serving businesswoman vibes and the next, sporty yet casual. 

Trends are constantly evolving.  Just when you’ve solidified one look, a new style is making an appearance on and off the runway. With the expectations of what’s hot and what’s not, it is important to remain true to yourself and dress for your own gratification and not at the will of others. You can easily make a look your own, whether it be dressing it down or tweaking it to your style. Fashion is all about experimenting. Like many other things in life, no one way is right. It is important to dress for your own satisfaction, because you are the one that has to where it, “werk it,” and sell it!

If you are not confident in the clothes that are in your wardrobe, then switch it up. Your look isn’t everything, but it can play a role in self-esteem. If you have heard the saying “I look how I feel,” it can work both ways whether you are feeling grouchy, laid back, or bold. Sometimes we wear pieces that help us get through the day, comfortably. However, these looks don’t leave an impression on anyone or make you stand out when you are walking down the street. Although you are not obligated to dress to impress and it is easy to throw on something convenient, if you wish to make a statement and be memorable, you will have to put a bit of effort into your outfit.

Often times when women dress up after an extensive period of dressing down, we say, “I have to dress up more.” That extra attention you paid to your outfit is reflected in your mood and overall confidence. It may not have been about the compliments other people gave you, but the invigorating and refreshing boost in your ego.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different looks, but it is also important to know what works best for you. If someone prefers to wear oversized clothing and sneakers over dresses and high heels, that is simply their preference. That does not mean they are insecure or socially hindered. Each person should dress according to his or her style. That is what makes fashion so versatile and unique. One look does not fit all. You can grab inspiration from so many different looks and piece them together in a cohesive way.

Don’t feel like you have to be up-to-date and hip to every trend that has the fashion blogs going crazy. After all fashion is a tool that complements you in ways that may not work for others, and vice versa. Every thing isn’t for every one. Stick to your guns, and dress for you. 

Photos provided by Pinterest and Adrian Blakemore (@adrian.nire)

Sierra Jenkins is currently a student at Georgia State University studying journalism and African American studies. Jenkins aspires to enlighten and inform others through her writing. She believes it is important to have conversations and create dialogue around topics that aren't always discussed publicly. Jenkins strives to break societal barriers through her use of words and set an example for other women from all walks of life.
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