Strike While the Iron is Hot Ladies: A Preemptive Chat on Procrastination

Strike While the Iron is Hot Ladies: A Preemptive Chat on Procrastination


A once in a life time celestial event occurred this month, it’s the start of a brand-new semester, and you’re ready to jump right back into all your organizations. Your creative juices are flowing, you’ve got your books and highlighter out, and you can’t even spell procrastination.  You’re thinking to yourself wow I can’t believe I was ever the type of person to wait until the last minute and cram. I’ve finally cured myself of the procrastination bug.


  WRONG. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are not delivered nor are you set free of the procrastination bug that infects us all after the hype of the new year dies down. As the weeks pass, that child-like precious enthusiasm is worn down by the day after day readings and assignments you spent an unfair amount of money on are due. Your sleep schedule will start to dwindle as you treat yourself to one more Netflix episode after spending all day in classes. However, let me speak life over your situation girls, all is NOT lost, but you must move now.



The phrase “strike while the iron is hot” was never so key in escaping the sophomore slump or the "senioritis" that has you dreaming about crossing the graduation platform. It is so important to build off the momentum that the precious summer has afforded you. Do not confuse your procrastination with laziness, if you were lazy would you be on such a high right now with your academic and personal growth? No. You are just a human being and you’re prone to burn out and get exhausted. Who wouldn’t when their trying to stay moisturized, lose that distracting weight, participate in social events, and keep their GPA flourishing? Go ahead and start habit building right now. Right now, girls! Not at 1 pm because you told yourself you would start at 12:30, but its 12:31 now so it only makes sense to start at 1pm. Right now, ma’am!


Remember that you have the power to speak life into your situation. You have the power of self-control and the foundation of discipline. You have been rolling your sleeves up and getting the job done for a few years. You’ve talked the talk and walked the walk (sometimes even in heels…you go girl!)  It is in you to win because you’ve been winning whether you realized it or not. As my elementary gym teacher said: “It’s easier to stay fit then to get fit.” Good luck for the Fall Semester! 


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