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Story Time: Faking A Lavish Spring Break Vacation

Everyone looks forward to spring break as a week of relaxation, getaways, and memories you can’t forget—or perhaps you can’t remember. Here’s a true story of two friends who had what seemed to be the trip of a lifetime from the comfort of their hometown.



Two collegiettes, under the aliases of Kennedy and Jordan, were two freshmen here at GSU who were just as reliant on financial aid as the rest of us. All the people they knew were packing for Miami, Los Angeles and New York–these two best friends refused to be left out.

Without much money and vacation on their minds, Kennedy and Jordan decided they would at least look like they were having the same fun as their other friends. Kennedy had the bright idea to go on a fake spring break trip. When the topic came up in conversation, both of the girls would say they had a lavish trip planned to Puerto Rico. These girls went the whole nine yards; they uploaded pictures to Instagram of their passports just days before the trip to validate their spring break plans.


When the week of Spring Break finally came around, Kennedy and Jordan booked a hotel room at the esteemed Marriott Marquis for one night. They posted pictures of the room keys, hotel doors—basically anything that was evidence of their time in Puerto Rico.

The girls got so many heart eyes and compliments on their Instagram stories and no one ever knew about the short voyage Kennedy and Jordan only took down the street for the week of memories they bargained for.


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