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Stop and Give Yourself a Pat on the Back, Because YOU Deserve it!

Self-appreciation can be really easy or really hard for some people, and I have to admit that I’m in that “some people” category.

All of my life, I’ve been taught to work hard in order to get what I deserve in life. But never was I told enough to appreciate yourself and what you do along the process. Sometimes we as women can get so caught up in our day-to-day lives and womanly duties that we forget the courage and strength it takes to do what we do!

Some people, like me, are afraid to worship the “little things” I do because of the constant fear of feeling pompous or comfortable in what I do. But, what I fail to realize is that those “little things,” like owning my own business, balancing school life and maintaining a healthy social life, should not go unrecognized!

Self-appreciation allows someone to make space and acknowledgment for who you are at the moment without judgment, but with compassion!

Giving yourself self-praise allows you to thank yourself for all the things you’ve done but taken for granted. Doing this also allows you to be more comfortable within and to be open and honest with who you are as a person. One thing I had to learn is that it’s okay to not be so humble all the time because you’ve worked hard for everything that you own, and you deserve all the credit!

No one’s blood, sweat and tears should go unnoticed because you never know who you could be inspiring along the way. So I encourage everyone reading this, even myself, to brag on themselves and fill themselves up with compliments and appreciation because YOU deserve it!

From the “ghetto” parts of Norfolk, Virginia, to the bright and flashy lights of Atlanta, an upcoming Youtuber Jaiya Brown takes on multiple life challenges to pursue her dreams as a Television Personality. Her bubbly and blunt personality attracts viewers from all around the world to see her keep it “all the way real.” Currently, Jaiya is a senior at Georgia State University studying in Journalism with a concentration in Multimedia Reporting. Jaiya is also with the student news program on campus as an Entertainment reporter to build her reel for internships in Atlanta. Jaiyas also made multiple appearances on her High School student news and entertainment segments as well. Jaiya’s goal is to apply to multiple internship opportunities and work along with celebrities in her field, so that one day, she could see herself on the big screen near you.
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