Steps to Applying Makeup Properly

Applying makeup can be one of the most difficult processes in the world for most girls. Although, these days it seems as if more people are doing it and are professionals at it, there are still people who do not exactly know where to start when it comes to properly applying makeup.


Yes, there are plenty of step-by-step tutorials on YouTube with beautiful makeup gurus showing you the basic application of makeup, but most of the time different gurus have different processes and different products that they use. For someone who does not know the first thing about makeup, seeing that many tutorials at one time can get pretty scary and overwhelming. However, the most basic things to remember when applying makeup is remembering to take your time, blend and take it one step at a time. Make sure you have plenty of time to do your makeup before you have to go somewhere, otherwise it could turn out not the way you expected it to.


This is for the people who are desperate to know the order in which makeup is applied. Not all these steps need to be used all the time if at all. However, these steps are the absolute most that a person applying makeup could possibly put on their faces. This is especially true when it comes to making sure their makeup looks flawless and their skin still looks healthy.


1.    Cleanser

You don’t want the makeup to do any damage to your skin when applied. Making sure you use a cleanser before ensures that your pores won’t be clogged and you won’t end up with acne the next morning.


2.    Serum/Treatment

Serum delivers needed and active ingredients directly into the skin right before you moisturize. It targets specific skin concerns such as dark spots or acne.


3.    Moisturizer

Moisturizing is self explanatory. Nobody likes dealing with dry skin, which can lead to more problem down the road. So don’t make it a habit to not apply some moisturizer right before applying your makeup.


4.    Primer

Most people don't see the purpose for primer, but when using the right one it can actually make a major difference in how your makeup can be applied. Primer allows makeup to go on smoother and can make it last longer.


5.    Foundation

This is important when applying the rest of your makeup. It creates an even skin tone on your face while covering up flaws, such as dark marks.

6.    Concealer

Concealer does what the foundation couldn’t. It goes back and get those certain spots on your face that need more attention.


7.    Powder

Most foundations can make your face look shiny and oily. Setting it with a powder brings back a matte finish for your skin.


8.    Blush

Adding blush gives your skin a pop of color on your cheeks.

9.    Highlight

Highlight is another thing that brings attention to certain features of your face. It gives your skin a glow in the places considered most appropriate.


10.  Setting Spray

Setting spray does just what the name intended. It sets. With it, your makeup could last all night and considering all the time spent doing it, you may want to invest in a good one.