The Skeletons of the World



The world needs your help! It’s dying as we speak. Look closely. Our world is not always as it seems. There’s a feeling lingering beneath our day to day activities; an issue bigger than one could ever imagine. It’s easier for some to ignore it than to confront it. However, the longer it’s ignored the faster it will consume us all. The world needs you. Will you come to its rescue?

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Currently, the earth is facing a poorly fought battle against climate change. Sea levels have rose, oceans are acidifying, temperatures increase, and other indicators of a needed change have been observed. 

People in Power Need to use their Platforms

The earth doesn't deserve to wither away due to the lack of action of its inhabitants. As animals alarmingly go extinct, issues are reposted but no real action is implemented. To impact the earth in a positive way we must reach those with the appropriate platform. Contact government officials, protest projects that will increase the rate of global warming, take the initiative. This fight can’t be won without you. 

Environmental Racism 

Environmental racism is a serious offense. It occurs often and is approached haphazardly. Environmental racism describes the disproportionate amount of minorities that live in environmentally unstable neighborhoods. This environment is not only common for minorities but there has been no effort to change this. If this issue is not made aware to more individuals it will continue to negatively affect future generations.

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Without your help these issues will remain the norm. Without confrontation a proactive change will be out of the conversation. It’s not too late. We can fight this. We need to fight this. Our home is under attack and only we can do something about it. Will you join us in the battle to restore our home?