Six Gifs That Perfectly Describe Senioritis

There’s nothing better than recognizing that your senior year is wrapping up in just a few short months. This means no more final exams, no more rigorous coursework and most importantly, no more deadlines that wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. 

So, how do you beat the familiar feeling known as “senioritis”? Sometimes, it is just a struggle and an intense one at that, and if you don’t know what to expect when dealing with the itis...please allow us to explain.

Senioritis, a commodity often experienced by graduating seniors has so many stages and even if you think that you won’t experience it, think again. Even the most successful, Dean’s List slaying and highly involved seniors succumb to the pressures that senior year gives you.

The “everything is great” stage


How naive we sometimes are when it comes to the realities of school! Seriously, senior year is relaxed but entails a lot when you are honestly ready to cross the stage, I mean just look at Spongebob sing the anthem to your life.

The “I’m amazing, and I know it” stage


This stage if for the super confident moments we have when we finally approach that last first day of undergrad. Everything seems so incredible that there is no way that you can feel down, right?

The “okay, I’m kind of over it” stage


At this point, you are probably three weeks in, and you swiftly realize that you have about two more months or so until graduation. This is also the point where sweatpants become your second home and going out? Forget about it. 

The “seriously, get me out of here” stage


Do I really have to explain this one?

The “wow, we’re really still doing this huh?” stage


Maybe we’ve surpassed midterms and homecoming, and all you are ready to do is sleep. Well, senioritis and final projects are taking over your entire existence and going to class is a complete miracle. Hang in there champ; you’re almost at the finish line.

The “relax, relate, release” stage


Graduation is almost here, and finally, you are clicking back into reality. Your countdown app is your bestie; you are getting ready to retrieve your cap and gown and family from all over is getting prepared to support you on your big day. Also, this is the moment where you realize that senioritis was only temporary and while it is a very real feeling, it is something that stood in your way as a test to the finish line.

So, to our almost graduates, super seniors and those who have just been at it for longer than they expected, you are almost there! Keep trucking to the finish line and don’t allow small nuances to get in your way. Specifically, to my fall 2018 graduates at GSU, I’ll see you on graduation day!