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The Realities of Finding a Job After College

College: the gateway from high school into your future career…

At least, that’s how they said it would work.  As it turns out, taking college courses and earning a well-deserved degree doesn’t get you a seat at the winners table, but more so a foot in the door.  For as long as our millennial generation can remember, we were told that Young Adult + 4 Year University = Promising Career, but unluckily for us, the value of a college degree has diminished in just a few short years, changing our once simple & trusted equation into a jumbled code that even the best hackers can’t seem to crack.

Though many of us have yet to admit it, attending college has become a trend & a ploy to appear both goal-oriented & successful. While college has always been ideal for some, these days, even those with no interest in higher education are enrolling by the masses. This means more degrees floating about, more qualified candidates filling out applications, and more overall competition, all with ultimately, fewer jobs. Exciting, right?

Finding a job after college isn’t easy, but its certainly possible if you take advantage of the resources given to you. Regardless as to whether college was always part of your 5-Year Plan, or if your mom filled out all your college apps for you, there was likely someone, somewhere, at some point who told you, “Going to college will secure you your future.” As beautiful as those words sound, they’re nothing more than a title to an annoyingly common fairytale that’s infamous for its plot twists. As the story of your college career unfolds, it’s up to you to find your own personal way to validate the “successful college student” theory.

One of the harsh realities of landing a job after college is a concept known as “relevant experience”. Surprisingly, no one wants to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Go figure! If you need an easy way to gain hands-on experience in your desired career field, join an on-campus organization. At Georgia State, there’s practically a club for everything, so find what works for you and make the most of it!

There have been countless claims that college programs don’t properly educate students on the current job market, but they’re forunately mistaken.  Despite it’s point blank name, many students fail to recognize the value of the campus’ career resource center. Georgia State University’s University Career Services can give you tips on resume writing, interviewing, and they’ll even assist you with the actual job search.


Most importantly, your biggest take-away from college will be the network you build. By all means, make connections with your professors! Chances are, they’ve already experienced what it’s like to work in the job market that you’re hoping to break into, and impressing them could bring you one step closer to employment. Try connecting with your classmates, familiarizing yourself with their skills, and be open to collaboration! The person sitting in the desk next to you could be a potential business partner one day.

The process of securing a job after college will undoubtedly differ from person to person, but all in all, the choices you make during your collegiate experience will determine the worth of your degree. Happy (Job) Hunting!


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