Pokemon Go To The Polls

I know you’ve been approached and asked if you registered to vote, trying to ignore them as best you can to get to class or wherever you're going. No more ducking and dodging the kind volunteers! I know an easy solution, a life hack may you call it. Prepare yourself it's a lot to take in.




Shocking, I know! It is simple to register and you still have until October 9th to do so, in Georgia. You can register in-person, by mail or online. College students can either vote in their home state or the state in which they attend college, it is one or the other not both. If you are an out of state student who would like to vote in their home state you will need to fill out an absentee ballot. Be sure to research and understand the registration guidelines for your specific state. For more information on voting as a student please check out this website.

Many people don't vote because they truly believe it won't make a difference. This low political efficacy plagues so many members of our generation and it shows in our voter turnout. It can’t be stressed enough that every vote counts, especially being that we one of the largest voting populations. Even if you don’t care now or think politics doesn't affect you now think about the future as well. We are the ones that are going to have to live in this society for years to come so why should we leave the important decisions to people who don’t represent our concerns or our needs?

We are the future yet time and time again the cohort of young voters has a small turnout to the polls. Some may have circumstances that make it difficult to vote but if you are fully able to why not? If you have an opinion you want to be heard, if there is change you want to see, and if you want to be apart of a change use your vote. Everyone has a voice and everyone wants to be heard, this is the way. Many college students are civically engaged whether it be through protests, campaigns, or clubs. Using your platform to encourage others to vote is one of the greatest ways you can be civically engaged. So post it on your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or whatever it is you use. If we can make memes go viral we can make voting a trend too!


If you have something to say about the current political climate, use your vote to speak up!