Places to Study other than Georgia State's Library

Who is tired of always having to go to Georgia State’s Library when they need to study, do homework, or even print? I know I am. Well we’re in luck. There are a few other places that are available both on campus and in Atlanta that can be your new go-to spots!




You’ve probably had a few classes in Aderhold, meaning you’re probably aware of the first floor. After walking into the building, go downstairs, where you’ll find study rooms, computers, and a place to print besides the Library that is always oh-so crowded. This floor in Aderhold is the perfect place to put some headphones in and go to work for a few hours.

The Rec Center


Okay, so I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t the Rec Center for working out?” Yes, of course it is. But in case you love to work out, instead of going all the way home to finish some homework or study, you can definitely study in the Rec Center. There are tables pass the check-in desk where you can study until you’re ready to run a mile or two!


Ebrik Coffee Room

This Coffee Room is right in Atlanta, mixed in with a lot of the buildings that students go to everyday. This is a great place to grab a friend, a coffee and a table to study with in between classes. Also, be sure to check out their quote of the day before getting started for a little motivation!


The Zen room

This room is on the 23rd floor of Park Place. The Zen Room is geared more towards students who are looking for a quite place to prepare for a test with or get homework done without interruptions. The room has a few pillows on the floor for you to enjoy a cozy session; just try not to get too comfortable and fall asleep. If you find the room, it’ll be like finding the key to success. Literally. 



Yes, Langdale where classes are held. But there are not classes in EVERY classroom ALL day. So try to find an empty classroom and study alone until a class does show up. This is a great idea because you can play your music out loud, or write on the board and not one person is there to judge or bother you. It’s kind of like studying in your room without your kitchen, bed, or TV so you can actually focus!

Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge


This one is a little different; but if you’re into smoking hookah in a chill environment this is a great place for your study group. It’s literally walking distance from GSU’s campus. So enjoy an inexpensive meal and prepare for your test!