Peyton Manning retires as a Denver Bronco

After dedicating 18 years to the National Football League, the 2016 Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning has decided to retire. Manning made the announcement March 7, during his team’s press conference on ESPN.

Manning, who led his team to victory back in February against the Carolina Panthers (who held the best regular season record) proved why he has been able to maintain a great career throughout the years. During his career, he was able to win two championship rings with two different teams. Peyton began his professional career in 1998 and committed 14 years to the Indianapolis Colts, and his last four to the Denver Broncos .

The infamous quarterback made an impact on many football fans and showed his appreciation for them with a well prepared exit speech in which he spoke about his career and the people who had a hand in him becoming the man he is today.

“Thank you to the Indianapolis Colts organization and all the fans across this country. You can’t fathom how much I enjoyed my 14 years there or the warmth that my family feels for you,” Manning said. “To all of my Denver teammates, thank you for what you’ve done for this old quarterback. And of course my gratitude to the Broncos fans everywhere.”

Carolina Panther, Cam Newton and other players also had something to say about Manning’s retiring.

“I am grateful to have shared the field in your LAST game but most importantly I am grateful to have mimicked a style you created to bring out the best in ME! And that style is/was mastering the art of PREPARATION.”



Peyton Manning’s life will change after deciding to leave the game that he dedicated much of his life to. However, he will also be changing the lives of many others who were impacted by his craft. We say goodbye to seeing him on our television screens for Monday Night Football, but will forever remember Manning as he is arguably one of the greatest players to lay hands on a football.

To read his full retirement speech, click here.