Oxygen's New Docu-Series Celebrates in Atlanta: Like A Boss Exclusive Viewing

On Thursday, Her Campus GSU was invited to attend an amazing opportunity at the private media meet and greet for  Oxygen's new and original docu-series "Like A Boss".  Some of the hottest media moguls in Atlanta came out for an intimate Q and A session with the cast and a special view of a clip from the show. A VIP mixer followed the Q and A session. Members of the cast that were in attendance were Big Tigger (radio personality), Blair Myers (real estate agent), Rian Parrish (Big Tigger’s assistant), Drekia Gleen (Abou “Bu” Thiam’s assistant), and Amber Grimes (Nick Cannon’s assistant).



During the Q and A session, we learned so much about these moguls and their assistants’ journeys to the top as well as how this show has been a benefit to their platforms. When asked what makes this show stand out amongst other reality shows, the entire cast stressed how positive “Like a Boss” is compared to others. The cast admitted that there was some drama, but they managed to resolve their issues without coming to blows, unlike many other reality shows. “Like a Boss” shows the entrepreneurial aspects of being a young professional in Atlanta.  "This show is different from other reality T.V shows because we are shining light on the positive side of things. People of color are not always presented in a positive manner, and I think with this show, we can really give people a different point of view," Big Tigger said. 

 It shows the highs and the lows of being an assistant to some of the most famous bosses in the city. Amber spoke on how working for Nick Cannon has helping her develop a greater sense of humility. “When you work for someone who’s all the way popping, you humble yourself.” The assistants described some of their most humbling experiences, such as Drekia having to wash Bu’s car before receiving her job and Rian having the task of sorting Tigger’s shoes by color and brand (about 500 pairs of shoes, to be exact). 





Despite the hardships that these assistants have faced, they let the audience know how important their experiences have been to their own personal endeavors. Drekia described being an assistant as “a way to perfect your craft.” Even Tigger reflected on his days as an intern and how much he learned from the top dogs that he worked under. Nevertheless, these assistants do not plan to remain assistants forever. Rian told us that she dreams to be a TV host that is as big as Wendy Williams and Ellen. Drekia is pursuing a career as a huge media mogul, much like the media moguls on the show. Amber has many projects in the works and does not plan to stop until she is where she wants to be. “People ask you what you want to do like you have to choose.”

Guests were treated to an interactive OMG Booth where they got to take pictures with signs that read "#LikeABoss, "Mogul in the Making," and "Everyday, I'm Hustlin." Complimentary cocktails and delicious hor’ d’oeuvres were also provided.


(Pictured: HC GSU member Michaela Carter and Editorial Team Lead Camilla Mhute)

Overall this event taught all of us to strive to exceed our full potential. The room was filled with many young, aspiring media professionals that really benefited from the panel’s advice. “Like a Boss” is a show that gives young bosses in the making an opportunity to shed light on what it takes to accomplish your all of your dreams. The entire cast has started from the bottom, but has managed to rise to the top!



Make sure you tune into Oxygen’s new docu-series next Tuesday, March 29 at 9/8c to get a firsthand look into the lives of rising moguls. You do not want to miss out on TV’s hottest new series!