Out With The Old, In With The New

My attachment to elementary school T-shirts has become a bit unreasonable. Do I really need a shirt from the last day of 5th grade? The oldest shirt I think I still have is from daycare--a white T-shirt with navy blue stars all over it. This shirt is before I even started preschool, why do I still have it?! 

A part of me thinks that I still have all these old clothes because somehow, I can still squeeze into some of them. Also, the memories and stories that these old clothing items have bring me joy. 

But, it's time to clean-out! With all the extra time we have anyways, cleaning up drawers and closets is my new go-to task to keep me occupied. 

a person sits crosslegged on the ground folding laundry, including jeans and shirts which sit in piles before them


1. Realize there is absolutely no purpose for this clothing...at all.

Those school event shirts literally have no purpose but reminding me of painful incidents. Like when I spilled the whole cooler of ice and Capri Suns in 5th grade during field day. It needs to be thrown away because there's no place I can wear these shirts confidently, but my own house. And I can't keep convincing myself that I need new sleeping shirts.


2. If there's a hole, a rip, or a stain, let it go!

Though rips and holes are becoming fashionable, a split in the middle of old skinny jeans is not fitting. I tried convincing myself that I can just take them to a tailor and get them sewn up again. But I don't even wear the jeans enough to remember to take them there. I'm sick of making excuses for random clothes—let it go!


3. The brand isn't making a return.

Trust me sis, Bobby Jack isn't making a comeback any time soon. Nor is my first Aeropostale hoodie, or those FUBU sneakers I thought were a good idea. A lot of brands have relaunched, but some brands you just know are never going to be trendy again. The memories were fun, but the outfits were horrid. They have to go!


4. Why do I have five variations of the same thing?

I realize that a lot of the stuff I keep, I have duplicates of them. The same middle school tank top, but in 10 different colors and patterns. I've been lucky to realize that I have all these extra things and get rid of one, but it's time for it all to go.Two Hanged Blue Stonewash And Blue Jeans

5. Think of all the room you'll have for new and improved clothes!

We're cleaning up shop, so that means we have to refresh and replenish what once was. This is a great time to look up trends or a piece of clothing that you've been eyeing online!

Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet


Hopefully, by the time I'm done wrestling with my inner self about if I need a studded belt in 2020, my closet will be more clear and have an ample amount of room for new clothes and accessories. 

Remember that you are not alone, and sometimes we love to hold on to things because of what they mean to us. But the clothes that some of us hoard just because, can go to someone who actually wants or needs it. A great way to make a difference in someone’s life and clean your space is by donating your clothes. 

Happy spring cleaning!