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As Valentine’s Day approaches up, it makes me think about how my view on love has changed from my teenage years into my young 20s. Love can have a significant impact and change your life. This can be whether it’s learning to love your partner, loving yourself, loving your family or friends. Through love, you learn a lot about yourself and your wants, needs, and values. 

I remember as a teenager watching sappy movies, and that was how I viewed love. I never really understood the hardships of work you have to put into a relationship. I thought it was smooth sailing, and it was about feeling giddy around them and happy. I remember thinking that all high school relationships would last through college, and I would see them married later on Instagram. 

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But, love doesn’t always work out. It’s the commitment and time you put into the relationship. It’s raw, honest, and genuine. At first, you will get butterflies in your stomach being around them, but as you get to know them and as years pass, those butterflies will be replaced by a warmth that is so much better, so much more fulfilling, so much bigger. 

Standing on the outside looking in on my friends’ relationships, I learned that you have to be secure in yourself and be confident in yourself to be ready for a relationship with someone else. Both people have to be prepared and confident in themselves. You should still love doing things on your own and exploring your hobbies. You can’t depend on your partner to give you all of that.

It’s hard to find love in your 20s. It is also tricky seeing others in relationships while you are wondering “what if that was me?” But, I learned that everyone is on a different path. I remember planning out my life and wanting to get married in my early 20s, but now as my view on love has changed, I realized I have so much more to live for. 

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I want to live my life and explore new parts of the world. I want to be able to be with my friends and go out whenever I want. I want to love every part of myself and be confident in myself before I find someone. 

When the time is right, it’ll come your way. Go out and have a date with someone. Don’t expect that person to be the soulmate of your life but as a learning experience until you meet the right one. Continue to have a healthy lifestyle and focus on yourself!

Raidah is currently a senior at Georgia State University. She is currently majoring in Biology with an interest to go into the healthcare field. Some of her hobbies include traveling, meeting new people, and photography! She hopes to write you interesting articles for Her Campus!
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