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Me on Quarantine Day 14: I eat 4738255 meals a day, don’t remember what day of the week it is and fall asleep at 4 am every night…  but what’s your self-quarantine routine?



At this point, we’re all waiting for this COVID-19 takeover to finally be over. All the quarantine snacks are gone, I’ve binged seemingly every show on Netflix and have gotten zero work done. For me, being a little too busy actually keeps me focused on the things that take priority in my day-to-day life like exercising, going to class, studying and working. Without the pressure of impending due dates and professors taking attendance, our discipline has disappeared. Even though our “traditional” definition of what college looks like has changed, our responsibilities haven’t. Unfortunately, this isn’t an early summer break, we still have about a month left of this semester and we need to be focused even more on not letting distractions consume our priorities. 

A good way to create normalcy in this extremely hectic time is to have your days simulate what a normal day would look like (without the human interactions). Try making a daily schedule that reminds you of your previous daily routine, that allows you to accomplish everything you did before. Sometimes we tend to neglect our mental health and self-care, in our everyday lives, including time for that in your newfound schedule will add more balance and happiness to your life during this time.

Below is a sample schedule that I’ll be using in the upcoming weeks. Let’s redefine our self-quarantine life!

Quarantine Routine:

7 am- Wake Up!

  • stretch
  • skincare
  • make bed
  • get dressed


8 am- Relaxation

  • read
  • meditate
  • write
  • listen to podcast
  • listen to music


8:30-12:30 pm- School Time

  • listen to online lectures
  • take notes
  • finish homework or any leftover studying
  • fill out planner, with assignments for the rest of the week


1:00-2:00pm- Lunchtime!


2:30-3:30 pm- Fresh Air

  • workout
  • go for a walk
  • biking/yoga
  • sunbathing 


4:00-6:00pm- Fun Time

  • watch Netflix or movies
  • scroll through social media
  • Facetime friends
  • play board games


6:00-7:00pm- Dinnertime!


9:00-11:00pm- Night-Time

  • shower
  • skincare
  • journal
  • prayer
  • listen to music
  • be in bed by 11


a pink neon "and breathe" sign over a plant wall
Max van den Oetelaar | Unsplash


This, of course, is just an example of what your daily schedule could like. I recommend adding or swapping out some of the activities for what applies to your everyday life. Try and add things to your schedule that encompasses multiple aspects of your day like schoolwork, family/friend time, exercise/meditation, etc. You still want to find happiness within your new reality, so try and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Go out and take this new world by storm (but please don’t leave the house!)

Amariah Jackson is a second-year Neuroscience Major with a pre-medical concentration at Georgia State University. In her spare time, she enjoys giving back to her community, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Amariah aspires to be a reconstructive surgeon, in hopes of providing aid to communities affected by congenital defects or developmental abnormalities.
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