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The Netflix original series, the Girl From Nowhere, is a two-season Thai show focused on revealing hidden corruption in school systems across the country. The show has an interesting style as it follows a mysterious girl named Nano, which viewers must constantly question whether she is a friend or foe. 

If you’re a person who enjoys other Netflix shows such as Black Mirror, Squid Games, or Stranger Things then the Girl From Nowhere would be a good show for you. The show is originally produced in its native language but does offer a dubbed version for those who don’t enjoy reading subtitles. It is recommended that you continue to keep subtitles on, however, due to the English translation losing some of the contexts.

What makes this show so intriguing is that although Nano remains the central character, viewers are introduced to a new protagonist in each episode that struggles with common problems such as greed, lust, and jealousy. With her twisted and lighthearted demeanor, Nano can uncover these toxic traits in both the students and teachers. Ultimately encouraging them to indulge in behaviors that often lead them to face severe consequences. 

The Girl From Nowhere deserves more hype than it has received. It instantly gets to the conflict in each episode. Nano seems to be immortal and indefensible, but the show never exactly reveals her powers or origin story. However, as the show progresses through the seasons it hints that there may be someone with power equal to or greater than Nano that may lead to her downfall. The inclusion of another antagonist creates another level of drama to the show. 

The overall messages in the show are rather dark but analyze raw human personality by presenting both the good and bad features that some people try to hide from the rest of the world. The show has not yet been renewed for season three but needs to as season two leaves off on a cliffhanger. With more viewer attention, hopefully, the show can continue.

Nia-Simone Sherwood is a journalism major at Georgia State University. Her interest includes playing the guitar, creating funny videos, and writing. Nia-Simone hopes to work with youth who are also interested in journalism and help build their journalistic skills.
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