Meet the Greeks: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated

*This interview was written and conducted by Her Campus GSU YouTube coordinator, Kelsey Crawford.*

Organization: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated

Chapter: Zeta Mu chapter, chartered on Thursday August 8, 1968

Founded: Tuesday December 4, 1906

Interviewee Name: Anderson “Andy” Dorvil

Classification: Senior, Physics major Spring 2017 Initiate


1. Why did you choose Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated?

My first encounter with Alpha was genuine. It didn’t feel stereotypical. Of course, they’re popular on campus but, they were humble individuals. It felt very personal and that is what initially drew my attention. After I did my research, I found that many of the platforms and ideals of Alpha are lined with my goals.

2. What makes this brotherhood special?

There is a certain level of accountability. I have never felt that I was a burden and I never find myself having to ask for help. There is always someone there to have your back no matter the situation.

3. Did you think that you would be a member of this organization? Why or why not?

Yes, going to back to what I said earlier, there are many platforms of Alpha that align with my personal goals. I didn’t become a member to be popular, I joined to do the work of Alpha. There is a level of confidence within myself to where I never questioned “if” I would become an Alpha but, “when.”

4. What is one moment you wish you could relive with your organization?

Probably my probate. It’s that moment that you dream about. It’s a chance to come out and show everyone what you’ve been working towards.

5. Compared to when you first became a member, how has Alpha Phi Alpha impacted your growth in college?

It has improved my work ethic and my approach on life. It has helped me to overcome in hurdles in life that may come my way. It’s preparing me for life beyond school, life in corporate America. Since first joining I now hold myself to a higher standard.

6. What is Alpha Phi Alpha looking forward to the most this year?

Definitely more innovative programs. We’re not only looking to be the front runners but also more relevant programs and participation form the student body. We want to educate what Greek life is really about and lead by example within our community through things such as March of Dimes. Overall, a very impactful year.


For more information on the Zeta Mu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. please make sure you follow them @zetamualphas!