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Love is in the Air: A look into 6 GSU Couples

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner Her Campus GSU is highlighting some of our favorite love birds around campus!

Meet Xavier and Alexis! 

 Xavier Hatten and Alexis Nwaiwu will be celebrating their 6th month anniversary on Valentine’s Day! Since the beginning of their relationship everything has been amazing! The foundation to their blossoming romance is consistency. They believe in doing everything that they did to get each other in their relationship. Xavier adores how supportive Alexis is of everything he does and think she has the most beautiful smile. He says, “I could be having the worst day ever, but once I see that smile of hers, it brightens my whole day.” Alexis loves that Xavier is so caring. She says, “He literally would give me the shirt off his back if I needed it.” Their communication is what ties them together, they are truly each other’s best friends. When asked about their current Valentine’s Day plans, Xavier replied, ‘It’s a surprise” with a smirk on his face! 


Meet Patrick and Perrin! 

Patrick Dike and Perrin Williams have been together for one year! They credit the foundation of their relationship to maintain a friendship, honoring God with their actions, and keeping their relationship fun. Perrin loves Patrick sense of humor and says “He [Patrick] is definitely one of the most caring people I’ve ever met so when I’m struggling with everyday stuff and he sees that, he’s always willing to lift me up. It just reminds me how much he really cares.” Patrick thinks that, “Perrin genuinely is a good person, which isn’t something you see that often.  You don’t really meet people like her, so when things go wrong or I get frustrated I just remember that she’s definitely worth fighting for.”  For Valentine’s Day Patrick and Perrin will be double dating with another couple from GSU! 

Meet Dralon and Ashley!

Dralon Moreland and Ashley Mayo have been friends since high school and started dating a year and five months ago.  These two lovebirds credit communication to being the most important thing in their relationships. These two don’t believe in raising their voices to get their point across, they handle things like adults. They both love that depsite being in a relationship they have been able to maintain their friendship. They love having fun together and make it their mission to keep each other laughing. Ashley loves that when Dralon smiles that his eyes crinkle on the side. These two have a connection like no other. Their love and passion in combination with their true friendship keeps them together. For Valentine’s Day Dralon and Ashley plan on seeing Deadpool and then will spend the night catching up on movies and shows on Netflix. Their plans aren’t super extravagant but it is going to be simple and sweet. 

Meet Khalid and Cherese!

Khalid Stewart and Cherese Berement have been together for 10 months! Commincation and trust keeps this couple grounded. Cherese loves Khalid’s personality. She feels so comforable around him and feels that she can fully be herself around him. Khalid’s loves Cherese’s fiesty attitude. This couple credits trust and comfortablity as the resons why they are still together. They both feel as if they are each other’s last relationship and are strivng towards marriage.  For Valentine’s Day this couple plans on getting a hotel that Cherese will decorate. 


Meet Gerald Fredrick and Amber Levister! 

Gerald Fredricck and Amber Levister have been together for just under 2 years! The chemistry between these two is undeniable, they are able to be vulnerable with each other in every way. Gerald says, “She’s very intelligent, and knows how to keep me grounded in a lot of aspects of my life where I’d be lost otherwise. Plus I think she’s so beautiful inside and out. My girl’s smile just makes you want to smile. And she’s a comedian in her own way. ” Amber thinks, “My hunny is so motivated and driven to accomplish any goals he sets his mind to. I love that about him. He encourages me to strive for greatness even when I’m discouraged, and knows me like the back of his hand. Plus his skin is so deliciously chocolate; he’s my own personal Lance Gross. He’ll even save his last piece of food for me! That’s love.”  This couple credits their differnces as the reason that they have been able to stay together for so long. Because they are so different, they are able to balance each other out and maintain a health relationship. They pride themselves on being able to maintain a relationship and a slolid friendship. They truly believe, “Selflessness and respect for each other are also major keys to success. They don’t want you to flourish.” For Valentine’s Day this couple will be staying in and will be getting something delivered or spending some quality time making dinner together. After dinner you will find this lovely couple either at the High Art Musuem or at Apache’ Cafe. It’ll be “lit with love”.

Meet Antonio “Tony” Boynton-Rodger & Shamia Dawson! 

Tony Boynton-Rodger and Shamia Dawson have been together for almost 2 years! Major factors to this couples success are loyalty, respect, and communication. Shamia says, ” Communication is key for us while we’re away at school.” Tony loves Shamia’s smile. He says, ” Her [Shamia] smile lets me know that I’m doing a good job. Also, how she makes me feel special, like a real soulmate that cares about me and loves me for who I am.” Shamia loves Tony’s manliness and his personality, and she adds, “It doesn’t hurt that he cleans up so well!” These two share a special conncection and a love for Old School R&B. They are able to stay together by being able to comprimise and keeping in mind not to let anything jeopardize the state of their relationship. For Valentine’s Day this couple will be spending the entire day in each other’s company and eating good! 

K. Miche' Thomas is a double major Marketing and Managerial Sciences student at Georgia State University. Upon her anticipated graduation in 2018 she plans to attend law school to pursue her dreams of becoming a Trademark & Patent Attorney. In her extra time she enjoys planning event and spending precious time with friends and family.
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