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Protection of a little black girl is important

For if she is not protected

She will lose all of herself

Such a simple task

That no one could do

A slap in the face from people

That were supposed to protect you


The pain still lingers in the space

Where you were supposed to protect her

Her heart


So young and pure

Yet tainted by the actions of others

Even those she loved


It’s not your fault

She wished someone would say

She wished those memories would disappear

From the unwanted father to

A hatred of herself


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No shield from the sadness

Or her broken heart

Or her loss of trust


Oh, little black girl

I wish to protect you

I hear your cries at night

And your fears in the dark

And your worries that sit upon your small back

While your shoulders hold the weight of the world

And the pain passed down from your family


I am sorry you were not protected

I am sorry you drowned in sorrows

I am sorry that some days when you awake

You wish to never see again


Oh, little black girl

You were lost

In a jungle

In the fog

In the four walls of your home


It is okay to be angry

It is okay to sad

It is okay to be hurt

It is okay to heal


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Please forgive yourself

Forgive your broken

Forgive your faith

Forgive those who hurt

For I will protect you now

Give me your life

Your soul

Your heart

And I will keep it safe

Give it to me

Oh, little black girl

I know you love me

But will you let me love you?

Chasity Drake is a senior at Georgia State University. She is currently studying journalism with a minor in psychology. In Chasity's free time, she loves to write poetry and short stories.
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