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Hunter’s Out, Who’s In? A Preview into the 2015-16 Men’s Basketball Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

It feels like just yesterday we were roaring with our Georgia State Panthers while they played in the Sunbelt Conference for the championship, and roared even louder when they made it into the 2015 NCAA Tournament. Now, with basketball season right around the corner, panther nation is still overwhelmed by the promising looks of determination to begin the basketball season and the tunnel vision we’re seeing from the players to prove to the world that they are still very much unified as a team.

Jordan Session, sophomore and men’s basketball player, says “I’m very excited this year. Last year, it was more predictable for us to win, but now a lot of people are underestimating us and I’m really excited to prove them wrong.”

The basketball program has played in the Sunbelt championship the last two years and they won it all last year. The players explain that while R.J. Hunter is certainly a great player, they’re excited to get back on the court and prove they’ve still got what it takes. Jalen Brown, senior and men’s basketball player, says, “Defense is the most important.” They say R.J. still gives them a lot of advice every day, even now, and they’re just ready to apply that advice to the games.

It’s amazing what hard work and positive thought can accomplish. A lot of the media wants to associate Georgia State basketball with one player, but we all can’t doubt the chemistry of this year’s roundup. “Come to the games,” says senior, Kevin Ware, after being asked what he would say to people that might doubt the success of the basketball team. “We have some of the best talent on this team.”

Although some of us might wonder what it’s going to take from this year’s team to keep the streak alive, we can be certain the pressure is not only on them, but on us too. Panther nation really enjoyed the success of the basketball program last year and what it did for Georgia State. Now obviously we can’t all suit up and head onto the court, but we can do our part as fans. We believe in you Panthers! First game of the season is Monday, November 9, 2015; be there and support the Georgia State basketball team. Panther nation, you know what to do. We’re in it for the win!

Dominique Regalado is a multimedia Journalism major at Georgia State University. When she is not running around campus, she is drowning herself in coffee or editing for Her Campus. Dominique enjoys reading, going out for food, and much more while spending all her money on retail. She aspires to be a journalist for a major magazine publication. Follow her on Twitter: @domregalado!
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